#1064 (Score: -1) from chaos-staff, submitted on 22 Jan 2014 by Anonymous
<IX> Someone wanted to buy a computer from me under some strange circumstances.
<kureshii> haha
<IX> His ex-girlfriend is demanding that he give his computer to her.
<kureshii> someone you know?
<IX> yeah, my best friend of 28 years. lol
<kureshii> whoa wut
<kureshii> what does his gf want his computer for?
<IX> to be spiteful
<kureshii> idk if emphasis there should be on "his" or "computer"
<kureshii> ooh
<kureshii> she's picking a bad way to go about it though
<IX> Yeah. lol
<kureshii> can't he, like, put in P4 parts and let her think she's taking the computer?
<IX> that's pretty much what we're going to do
<kureshii> and an old HDD etc
<kureshii> nice