#9 from #boxtorrents, submitted on 30 Jul 2009 by Arveene
#45 from #bakabt, submitted on 28 Sep 2009 by ChalamiuS
»» @Chiyachan cockslaps Chiyachan.
<@Chiyachan> =_=
<@Chiyachan> Tabfail.
#54 from Sekret BakaBT Hangout, submitted on 08 Oct 2009 by Chiyachan
* @kureshii demagnetises Southrop
<@Southrop> D:
* Southrop is now known as Nospecificrdirectionrop
#75 from #bakabt, submitted on 28 Oct 2009 by Anonymous
<+ChalamiuS> No, I had enough troubles keeping myself somewhat concious >_>
<+ChalamiuS> fevers are never fun
<+ChalamiuS> Oh the fuzzy feeling~
<+ChalamiuS> >_<
<+ChalamiuS> I got close to nothing done today
<+ChalamiuS> which makes me sad
<@xiong_chiamiov> I think that's love
<+ChalamiuS> No, this is a fever
<@xiong_chiamiov> I felt the same way today (and also got nothing done), so it must mean...
»» <@xiong_chiamiov> snuggles up with ChalamiuS
<+ChalamiuS> D:
»» +ChalamiuS is too weak to run away
#16 from #news, submitted on 30 Jul 2009 by ChalamiuS
-!- Netsplit *.net <-> *.split quits: Navarre, @Faith, +Arcon, inftech, mrmburns, StrikeS|Francesca, _Maru_, ColdAssassin, @Gameoff|Out, XDCC|Miyu, (+154 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
<~annie> wops
< Jaguar> annie
< Jaguar> god damnit
< Jaguar> how many times do I have to tell you
<&halcy> annie: That sounded so "oops did I just..." :<
< Jaguar> don't masturbate in the server room if you're going to squirt on the hubs.
<~annie> wtf jag, I didn't squirt on the hubs
<&halcy> annie only squirts on hiqh quality cisco managed switches.
< Jaguar> I _know_ you didn't hit the big catalyst
<~annie> yea
<~annie> ( ¯◡◡¯·)
< Jaguar> ;o
< Jaguar> well shit
< Jaguar> there goes 7k
#377 from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Sep 2010 by ChalamiuS
<raylu> Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'I can't configure Debian'
#15 from #bakabt, submitted on 30 Jul 2009 by ChalamiuS
<Kristen> A wild Kristen appears!
»» Kristen uses quick attack!
<ChalamiuS> O_O
»» Gottaname domesticates the wild kristen
<Kamyu> fail
»» Kristen can only be domesticated with a pokeball
»» Kristen uses Hydro Pump!
<Kristen> It's a critical hit!
»» Gottaname domesticates with a leather halter and whip
<YumiNanako> lol..
»» Kristen runs away
#1034 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 28 Nov 2013 by Motoko11
<der_richter> are we talking about masturbating?
<Akerail> oh, der_richter came
#143 from #bakabt, submitted on 26 Jan 2010 by raylu
<ChalamiuS> Nagisa = tard
<dankles> ^
<ChalamiuS> Kotomi > Tomoyo > Kyou > Fuko
<ChalamiuS> :3
<Beefymole> wtf
<ChalamiuS> and those > Nagisa.
<Beefymole> your brain is broken
<ChalamiuS> No Beefymole, I just hated Nagisa
<raylu> fuko > nagisa? wtf?
<raylu> i'm no fan of nagisa, but fuko?
* ChalamiuS hits raylu with a starfish
<ChalamiuS> Dozo!
<ChalamiuS> :3
#63 from #NEWS, submitted on 16 Oct 2009 by ChalamiuS
<X3OY> !loli
»» %Storyteller Shouts: X3OY is a LOSER and PEDO, I wont give you any Loli.
<&MasterCJ> no lawly for you
<X3OY> .8ball Will I ever get any loli?
<+godzilla> X3OY: Very doubtful.
<%rorikon> X3OY: Concentrate and ask again.
<&MasterCJ> .8ball was my fortune true
<+godzilla> MasterCJ: Don't count on it.
<%rorikon> MasterCJ: Most likely.
<&MasterCJ> :(
<&MasterCJ> now i don't know what to think
<+ChalamiuS> They disagree
<+ChalamiuS> .8ball Are you confusing us on purpose?
<+godzilla> ChalamiuS: It is decidedly so.
<%rorikon> ChalamiuS: It is decidedly so.