#1137 (Score: -1) from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 19 Apr 2014 by Anonymous
<+Leonhardt> so, walking 11km in 1½h after half a bottle of Vodka, DONE
<+Leonhardt> Achievement completed!
<+Leonhardt> went from Espoon lahti trough Nöykkiö to Kattilaakso trough Pisa to Saarnilaakso and then To home in Espoon Keskus
<+Akerail> Laus-kun could beat you anytime
<+Leonhardt> I bet.
<+Leonhardt> You just told me how awesome they're :3
<+Akerail> He once drank 750ml of vodka
<+Akerail> 7beers
<+Leonhardt> I'm just your standard Average joe.
<+Akerail> and 2 shots of jagermeister
<+Leonhardt> Wow, epic >_>
<+Akerail> Then he got home and his mother haven't even noticed he was drunk.
<+Leonhardt> neat.
<+Akerail> He is one hell of a drunkard though...
<+Leonhardt> Some peeps just have good heads.
<+Leonhardt> I mean, I feel drunk after 8 beers and a bottle of Vodka
<+Leonhardt> when I drink it trough 4 hrs
<+Leonhardt> and then I go to the bad
<+Leonhardt> bar*
<+Leonhardt> and I do that only 2-3 times per year
<+Akerail> Oh, laus drinks 24/7
<+Leonhardt> How does their wallet stand that?
<+Akerail> He is a dentist!
<+Leonhardt> I make sure that I pay for my own drinking max four times per year
<+Leonhardt> make others pay every other time.
<+Akerail> I think he is the kind of guy that pays for others.
<+Akerail> Don't you think so too Jaru?
<+Leonhardt> >_>
<+Jaru> what? I'm watcing a movie
<+Leonhardt> Laus-kun?
<+lostinmetro> damnit I thought 420 was on Easter Monday so I coould make #420PRAISEIT jokes
<+lostinmetro> fuck
<+Akerail> FUCK
<+Akerail> IT IS TODAY
<+Leonhardt> humm humm... Gotta meet them, have them pay for my drinking someday... .
<+Akerail> 420blazeit metro