#234 (Score: -1) from BakaBT Staff Hideout, submitted on 09 May 2010 by Southrop
<@kureshii> i'm reading NYT MoS&U
<@kureshii> reading+typing is not advisable >_>
<%newy> No abbreviations! D:
<@kureshii> it's acceptable in the hard-and-fast world of IRC!
<%newy> Noez!
<@kureshii> oh, right, first reference must be written in full huh
<%newy> Now it's trying to be another person^^
<@kureshii> *Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
<@Southrop> new york times idunnowhatMoS&Ustandsfor
<@kureshii> manual of style and usage
<@Southrop> oh
<%newy> So just typography
<@kureshii> nope
<@kureshii> that's robert bringhurst's elements of typography
<@kureshii> which i have yet to read
<@Southrop> so it's... CLOTHES? O:
<@kureshii> this is on editing style and guidelines
<@Southrop> oh
<@Southrop> xD
<@kureshii> as practised by the NYT
<%newy> Hm, and I thought you were looking at the dating inserts...
<@Southrop> lol
<@kureshii> dating inserts?
<@kureshii> oh, you mean in newspapers huh
<@kureshii> sorry, you must remember that being a scientist, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention 'dating' is carbon dating, and related activities...
<@Southrop> xD
<%newy> >_>
<@Southrop> win comeback
<@kureshii> the other form of dating is more commonly known in this field as 'courtship' or 'mating rituals'