#325 (Score: 7) from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 15 Aug 2010 by Solipsism
<eaper> I think it's fine not to fap
<eaper> Saves a lot of time
<eaper> and viruses
<godcheese> indeed
<godcheese> wait
<godcheese> how does fapping save on viruses?
<godcheese> your hand has STD's?
<eaper> Computer
<godcheese> oh
<eaper> Fap blisters.
<Solipsism> lol, that's what I should start calling my oozing sores
<eaper> oozing?
<Solipsism> "No baby, I just masturbate a lot thinking of you"
<eaper> ._.
* Solipsism is joking by the way
<Kakashi7111> OH GOD
<NimirRa> this got gross pretty fast
<Solipsism> lmfao
* Solipsism submits that one to the QDB for sure, and doesn't even care if it gets accepted XD