#326 (Score: 4) from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 16 Aug 2010 by Solipsism
<@Drahken> here's my impression of solip & smush arguing: http://www.internetargument.com/images/internet-argument.jpg
<SaberUK> Drahken: who's who
<Solipsism> You lie Drahken... that's not YOUR impression
<@Drahken> dunno saber, does it really matter who's who?
<Solipsism> I'm probably the little girl IMO
<SaberUK> Drahken: yes
<Smushers> drahken that image is incredibly old meme. I can even tell what it is without looking
<SaberUK> thats what HE said
<@Drahken> just because it's old smush, doesn't mean that it doesn't apply :p
<Smushers> it means it's stupid and uncreative and in this case, just another means for people to randomly insult the mentally handicapped
<Solipsism> Mentally handicapped?
<Solipsism> The girl is retarded?
<Solipsism> Wow i really am the girl