#34 (Score: 4) from Secret BakaBT hangout, submitted on 26 Aug 2009 by Southrop
* ~Malus slaps Chiyachan forehead with his penis
* ~Malus runs
<@Chiyachan> It's a shame my penis isn't THAT long. :(
<@Chiyachan> Or did you slap me with YOURS?
<@Chiyachan> Which would mean, according to previous insults, you now have AIDs.
<@Southrop> lololol
<@kureshii> aids can be transmitted though the forehead?
* MTR (~F@n.boy) has joined #bakabt-staff
* Rizon sets mode: +o MTR
* @kureshii shoots AIDS beams from his forehead at MTR
<@MTR> O_o
* @MTR evades swiftly
<@kureshii> hmm, it actually works :O
<@kureshii> whaddaya know
<@Southrop> xD