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<@Drahken> it's interesting how casper the ghost always says he has no friends at the beginning of each ep, despite the fact that he always makes a friend by the end of every ep
<@Drahken> it makes you wonder if he isn't killing his new friends every day
<Solipsism> Wow Drahken
<Solipsism> WOW
<Smushers> drahken lol this requires an investigation
<@Drahken> "yay! a new friend!" *stab* *stab* "boo hoo, I don't have any friends"
<Smushers> drahken maybe it's not his fault. Could be split personality
<@Drahken> that was another possibility I thought of when I was originally thinking about this
<@Drahken> the casper cartoons came out not long after wwii, so I began to wonder if casper is really hitler's ghost, existing in a sort of eternal limbo as punishment for his murderous ways
<Smushers> ...Wat
<Solipsism> EPIC