#396 (Score: 6) from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 06 Oct 2010 by Solipsism
<Solipsism> Hey wtf
<Solipsism> There's a quote on the QBD submitted under my name, that I did not submit >:|
<Solipsism> You fuckers stop using my name
<LeB_Blood> most of the ones of me i didn't submit, Solipsism
<LeB_Blood> the idea is to let anyone submit them
<Solipsism> No, not a quote of something I said
<Solipsism> It's a quote that says "submitted by solipsism"
<Solipsism> And i didn't submit it
<LeB_Blood> oh
* Solipsism makes an angry face
<LeB_Blood> are you positive?
<Solipsism> Pretty positive, as it's fairly recent and I've been gone for two weeks
<Solipsism> http://www.chalamius.se/quotes/quote.php?id=376
<LeB_Blood> eh i guess it is possible to submit them under someone elses name
<LeB_Blood> but i fail to see the point of that
<LeB_Blood> you could just type annonymos
<Solipsism> I doubt I was even here for it, especially as I just idle in bakabt these days anyway, rarely chat <_<
<Solipsism> Wait a second
<Solipsism> It says right on the quote "You're now known as vermi|fap"
<Solipsism> VERMI