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<kirei-chan> i think the name of my new cat will be
<kirei-chan> "Little Sparta"
<kirei-chan> what do you think?
<Falgern> uhh
<Falgern> what about
<Falgern> Fluffy
<kirei-chan> yeh i'm between that, little sparta and oliver
<Falgern> Fluffy
<DBG> male or female?
<kirei-chan> male
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<Falgern> Fluffies
<kirei-chan> if it was futa he'd be Chuu Norries
<DBG> lol
<DBG> damnit falgern
<DBG> now the only name I can think of is "Fluffy"
<Falgern> Told you
<kirei-chan> lmao
<Falgern> Fluffy is the perfect name for a male cat
<kirei-chan> Little Sparta isn't good for a cat namae?
<kirei-chan> ;X
<Falgern> No
<kirei-chan> damn..
<kirei-chan> Fluffy or Oliver?
<Falgern> Thats like saying "This cat is stupid enough to run into a fortress and die"
<Falgern> Oliver is a faggot
<kirei-chan> Lol.
<kirei-chan> Blobby?
<kirei-chan> fag too?
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<kirei-chan> fluffy is cliche tho
<Falgern> Blobby is a good name.. for a booger
<kirei-chan> Lol
<kirei-chan> Alright Fluffy it is
<torque> Falgern is a fagoot dohohohoho
<torque> <3
<Falgern> torque <3
<kirei-chan> yes he is, but he named my cat