#558 (Score: 1) from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 31 Jan 2011 by Solipsism
<@vermi> and here i was sure bird have hollow bones...
<@Nubmer6> That's what I've always heard
<Solipsism> Well think about it
<@Nubmer6> but maybe SOME marrow in it?
<Solipsism> Marrow is where blood is manufactured
<Solipsism> So they can't be completely hollow
<@Nubmer6> yeah
<Solipsism> Or birds wouldn't have any blood
<@Nubmer6> but birds are supposed to have hollow bones
* @vermi manufactures Solipsism.
<Solipsism> Nubmer, I'm not saying they aren't mostly hollow, but I doubt they are completely hollow
<@Nubmer6> birds have blood?