#75 (Score: 75) from #bakabt, submitted on 28 Oct 2009 by Anonymous
<+ChalamiuS> No, I had enough troubles keeping myself somewhat concious >_>
<+ChalamiuS> fevers are never fun
<+ChalamiuS> Oh the fuzzy feeling~
<+ChalamiuS> >_<
<+ChalamiuS> I got close to nothing done today
<+ChalamiuS> which makes me sad
<@xiong_chiamiov> I think that's love
<+ChalamiuS> No, this is a fever
<@xiong_chiamiov> I felt the same way today (and also got nothing done), so it must mean...
»» <@xiong_chiamiov> snuggles up with ChalamiuS
<+ChalamiuS> D:
»» +ChalamiuS is too weak to run away