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<BulletwithButterflyWings> hello???
<petrovich> hi??????????????????????????????????
<BulletwithButterflyWings> hi
<BulletwithButterflyWings> isn't there more ppl
<petrovich> yes, there are currently 88 users in this room
<BulletwithButterflyWings> then wtf aren't any of them talking
<petrovich> because not everyone joins a room to TALK ALL THE TIME
<petrovich> and people have lives, they GO AFK and HAVE TO DO STUFF
<petrovich> not INTERNET 24/7/365
<BulletwithButterflyWings> ik that but only one person besides me is talking and that's u buddy
<BulletwithButterflyWings> and jesus person hi nice too see u have a 9 foot pole uyp ur ass would u like to be a decent human being and try that again
<BulletwithButterflyWings> a normal greeting is hi how are u my name is such and such
<BulletwithButterflyWings> and u are
<BulletwithButterflyWings> nice to meet u mr chokeondick
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