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#44 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 13 Sep 2009 by Southrop
* reborN|Slap-Chop ( has joined #bakabt-support
<reborN|Slap-Chop> Hi I cannot download ARIA the Origination and Aria the Natural even though I just downloaded Aria the Animation halp pls
* reborN|Slap-Chop ( has left #bakabt-support
<@Arveene> lol
* Arveene is now known as Arveene|Sleep
<+MrSparkle> what???
<@Southrop> lolwat
<@Duki> tsk tsk tsk and noone halped him in the end...
<@Southrop> he didn't stay for long
<@Southrop> and that's like saying "halp, i downloaded this but I can't download that"
<@kureshii> he was 4 seconds short of a full minute
<@Southrop> whether or not they are sequels is unrelated
<@Duki> and you call yourself support
<@Duki> shame on you
<@Southrop> pffft
<@Southrop> speak for yourself
<@kureshii> you call yourself?
<@kureshii> we call ourselves, you mean
<@kureshii> well, i don't see a problem
<+MrSparkle> I assume he got suspended after te first series download?
<@Duki> no I call myself Duki...
<@kureshii> we are support, not 24hr-on-standby-activatable-within-5sec-support
<+MrSparkle> besides the bot
<+MrSparkle> and wiki
<@Southrop> And he forgot to submit his support ticket
<@Duki> D:
<@Duki> no ticket NO SUPPORT
<@Arveene|Sleep> please take a number and wait until it's called
<@Arveene|Sleep> OH SHI-
<@Arveene|Sleep> I'm sleep talking
<@Duki> Go to sleep you insomniac!
<@kureshii> sorry, all our operators are busy (with real life) at the moment, please hold
<@Southrop> For French, please press 1
<@Southrop> For Chinese, please press 2
<@Southrop> For English, please hang up and try again
<@Duki> for read the wiki press any key
<@kureshii> for Indian-accented English, please call our hotline at XXX-XXXXX
<@kureshii> for l33tsp33k, please gtfo
#227 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 25 Apr 2010 by ChalamiuS
---» User(~Ident@host.domain.tld) has joined #bakabt-support
<User> I have a stupid question
<User> Hi btw
<@Duki> depending on how stupid we will decide whether to ban you or not :D
<User> err nevermind :/
«--- User (Ident@host.domain.tld) has quit ()
<@Duki> rofl
<~Jarudin> lawl
<~Jarudin> wasn't expecting that XD
<~Jarudin> you totally scared him there
<@Nazo|Dead> yeah, you did
#398 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 13 Oct 2010 by ChalamiuS
<+Enzie> Ah quiet... everyone is asleep...
* Enzie dances around like a ballerina.
* Enzie plows into a wall...
<+Enzie> Owie... ;_;
* Enzie rubs nose then continues dancing.
* xiong_chiamiov frowns disapprovingly
* Enzie stops mid-dance and stares at xiong.
* Enzie runs away with his hands hiding his shame.
#439 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 10 Dec 2010 by ChalamiuS
< Xemnarth> Question: why cann't a user delete his/her own comment on torrents?
<@xiong_chiamiov> just to frustrate you
#469 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 19 Dec 2010 by Enzedder
<Enzie> I wonder if they will question me if I add, 'Staff of an illegal bittorrenting site', on my resume while I am here. :P
<Arc-sama> uh ... dunno
<Enzie> Probably shouldn't.
<Duki> We're not illegal :x
<Duki> We're just shady
#482 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 25 Dec 2010 by Southrop
<LoN> guys, how long is the freeleech period going to last?
<Duki> A few more minutes
<LoN> how many?
<newy> It started today and ends yesterday
<LoN> damn
<LoN> thanks
<LoN> off to leech
#538 from BakaBT-Support, submitted on 23 Jan 2011 by Arc-sama
<anon1> southrop i love u <3
* anon1 (~anon1@Kyou.No.slave) has left #bakabt-support

<Southrop> o.O
<Enzie> Fanclub.

<Arc-sama> does this mean Southrop has a stalker
<Southrop> I dunno D:
#668 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 08 May 2011 by Enzedder
BrownMasterV has joined #bakabt-support
<BrownMasterV> Anyone know how I can remove hentai results from my RSS feed?
<BrownMasterV> BBT's, that is.
<Duki> Cover your eyes?
#708 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 02 Aug 2011 by Chiya
* KochaNK (cgiirc@8741B8E6.8B70C903.AF1FAC0.IP) has joined #bakabt-support
<KochaNK> hi
<KochaNK> someone explain me,what is the purpose of chanel
<@Chiyachan> Which channel?
<KochaNK> its my first time here
<+ChalamiuS> KochaNK, to help people with account issues
<@Chiyachan> ChalamiuS - He might want #bakabt.
<KochaNK> i am banned
<+ChalamiuS> Chiyachan, I suspect so, too
<@Chiyachan> Ah, there we go.
<+ChalamiuS> Oh! We were wrong!
<KochaNK> and i need help
<@Chiyachan> Username?
<KochaNK> misja nk
<@Chiyachan> Link to account?
<KochaNK> would you help me to bring back my account,please
<KochaNK> wait a sec
<@Jecht> you are joking, right?
<KochaNK> why,i don understand?
<@Jecht> this is a support channel for BakaBT, an anime community.
<@Jecht> you and erepublik can /part this channel immediately if you have no business with BakaBT.
<KochaNK> ok sorry
<KochaNK> :/
* KochaNK (cgiirc@8741B8E6.8B70C903.AF1FAC0.IP) has left #bakabt-support
#725 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 08 Sep 2011 by Southrop
<@Chiyachan> Damnit guys.
<@Chiyachan> You're all too nice to the freaks.
<@Chiyachan> Next time.
<@Chiyachan> "NO!"
<@Chiyachan> .kb
* BakaBT sets mode: +b *!*
* This *!* ban affects: @Chiyachan
* Chiyachan was kicked by BakaBT (Requested)
<@Southrop> lol
<@Sashamaru> xD
* Southrop sets mode: -b *!*
* Chiyachan ( has joined #bakabt-support
* BakaBT sets mode: +o Chiyachan
<@Chiyachan> This gets mentioned to NOONE.