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#7 from Query, submitted on 30 Jul 2009 by ChalamiuS
<ChalamiuS> A Tobias appears!
<Tobias92> (1) Fight (2) PkMn (3) Pack (4) Run
<ChalamiuS> 1
»» ChalamiuS knocks out Tobias92
<Tobias92> x_x
<ChalamiuS> Congratulations, You have won.
<ChalamiuS> \\o/
#638 from Query, submitted on 06 Apr 2011 by ChalamiuS
<AltaDeSaxa> looks like MAL's caching problems are solved
<ChalamiuS> Well, enough duct tape solves everything!
<AltaDeSaxa> quite so
<ChalamiuS> Failed MySQL server has gone away
<ChalamiuS> Cool story MAL
<AltaDeSaxa> I particularly like that error message
<AltaDeSaxa> for I always imagine a server growing legs and actually walking away
#682 from Query, submitted on 01 Jun 2011 by Southrop
<Takeshi_K> can you plz tell me how to make my ratio bigger cauze i dont know and i also read the text to help but i have a mac and i use utorrent
<Takeshi_K> ^not me
<Takeshi_K> I tried to message him and then:
<Takeshi_K> Refused
<Takeshi_K> This user has blocked PMs from you.
<Takeshi_K> xD
#1287 from Query, submitted on 29 Feb 2016 by Macros74
[assisting user in taking screenshots, real user name redacted]

<Fedora-chan> im having problems with both vlc and mpc-hc taking screenshots. and i cant use my normal method of changing my screen resolution to match the video resolution and taking fullscreen screenshot that way
<Fedora-chan> i dont know how else to get one
<Agent327> Fedora-chan: , for one...
<@Agent327> It's clear you haven't looked at the Wiki or on the forum though...
<Fedora-chan> i have, i just have a hard time searching for things in general for some reason . .


<Fedora-chan> i just realized how hard it is to do this to a hentai ova . . . i keep wanting to fap to it and get distracted :(
#1292 from Query, submitted on 28 Nov 2016 by lynsvey
<lynsvey> Why do you hate bees so much?? lool
<iCandy> Simply because bees are spawns of satan with horns attached to their asses.