#1087 (Score: 5) from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 19 Mar 2014 by Raito
<Kuyou> ok now to watch for real
<kurandoinu> Make sure to wash your hands after
<Kuyou> I don't fap to everything D:
<kurandoinu> Uh huh
<Rathoriel> just lolis and old men
<Kuyou> :>
<Laus-kun> what's fap?
<Kuyou> *fapfapap*
<kurandoinu> Oh no
<Kuyou> fap*
<kurandoinu> Please no
<kurandoinu> Do NOT give me another reason to call you innocent Laus-kun!
<Laus-kun> Okay. Something tells me I shouldn't have asked.
<Raitou> kuyou
<Raitou> what
<Raitou> u fappin, can i come?
<Raitou> no homo.
<Kuyou> def
<Kuyou> cmon yo
<Raitou> lauskun
<Raitou> seriously
<Akerail> Laus-kun, maybe something related to feynman diagrams!
<Laus-kun> Anyway, I'm gone. I've got chemistry hwk to do
<Raitou> did you just ask "what is fap?"
<Akerail> Laus-kun, shooow
<Akerail> Show the HW
<Niofla> LOL
<Raitou> Laus-kun
<Akerail> want to see it
<Raitou> come with me on skype
<Niofla> Laus-kun, do you really not know?
<kurandoinu> I'm so amused
<Raitou> i'll show you what fapping is
<Niofla> ahahahah
<Raitou> from my webcam
<Kuyou> can i come?
<Raitou> def
<Kuyou> \o/
<Akerail> Kuyou
<Laus-kun> I googled it. And I'm finding this incredibly awkward.
<Akerail> that sentence
<Akerail> was ambiguous
<kurandoinu> Do NOT accept a video call from Raitou
<Niofla> LOL
<Kuyou> I will come :>
<Raitou> you will? ^^
<Akerail> Are you coming Kuyou?
<Raitou> yeah he is.
<Raitou> >:)
<Akerail> cool
<kurandoinu> Anyyyyyway, lets let Laus-kun go do his homework