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#1086 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 17 Mar 2014 by Raito
<mashiroshina> how do i talk in private
<der_richter> you can most likely double click my name
<Chiyachan> "/msg der_richter I see you when you pee"
<der_richter> is you standard download folder your normal mac download folder?
<der_richter> *your
<Raitou> "/msg der_richter It's going to leak, onii-chan"
<der_richter> you are both already too late, faggots
<Duki> lol
#1087 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 19 Mar 2014 by Raito
<Kuyou> ok now to watch for real
<kurandoinu> Make sure to wash your hands after
<Kuyou> I don't fap to everything D:
<kurandoinu> Uh huh
<Rathoriel> just lolis and old men
<Kuyou> :>
<Laus-kun> what's fap?
<Kuyou> *fapfapap*
<kurandoinu> Oh no
<Kuyou> fap*
<kurandoinu> Please no
<kurandoinu> Do NOT give me another reason to call you innocent Laus-kun!
<Laus-kun> Okay. Something tells me I shouldn't have asked.
<Raitou> kuyou
<Raitou> what
<Raitou> u fappin, can i come?
<Raitou> no homo.
<Kuyou> def
<Kuyou> cmon yo
<Raitou> lauskun
<Raitou> seriously
<Akerail> Laus-kun, maybe something related to feynman diagrams!
<Laus-kun> Anyway, I'm gone. I've got chemistry hwk to do
<Raitou> did you just ask "what is fap?"
<Akerail> Laus-kun, shooow
<Akerail> Show the HW
<Niofla> LOL
<Raitou> Laus-kun
<Akerail> want to see it
<Raitou> come with me on skype
<Niofla> Laus-kun, do you really not know?
<kurandoinu> I'm so amused
<Raitou> i'll show you what fapping is
<Niofla> ahahahah
<Raitou> from my webcam
<Kuyou> can i come?
<Raitou> def
<Kuyou> \o/
<Akerail> Kuyou
<Laus-kun> I googled it. And I'm finding this incredibly awkward.
<Akerail> that sentence
<Akerail> was ambiguous
<kurandoinu> Do NOT accept a video call from Raitou
<Niofla> LOL
<Kuyou> I will come :>
<Raitou> you will? ^^
<Akerail> Are you coming Kuyou?
<Raitou> yeah he is.
<Raitou> >:)
<Akerail> cool
<kurandoinu> Anyyyyyway, lets let Laus-kun go do his homework
#1166 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 16 May 2014 by Raito
<suman> hello any body plz
<suman> helo Laus-kun
<Laus-kun> talk to someone else
<Laus-kun> I'm busy
<suman> you know some body
<suman> plz
<suman> hello Raitou
<suman> can any body guide plz
<suman> wy every body is so insensitive
<suman> u have open a channel to guide ,but no one is forwarding a helping hand
<suman> r u dere to cheat us ,i asked this to every bakabt support staff
<suman> hello bakabt
<suman> r u dead
<suman> is evryone here is dead\
<suman> helloo xgraphy
<suman> hello laus-kun r u fre now
<Laus-kun> suman, read the wiki
<suman> wy r u confusing me
#1218 from #HorribleSubs, submitted on 13 Aug 2014 by Raito
<Ryuuzakii> why does the horriblesubs login message says vlc is shit?
<Raitou> because it's the truth?
<Ryuuzakii> lol
<Sakimichi> wait..i got screenshot comparison of VLC an MPC with madvr
<Raitou> goodie sakimichi, i was just searching for one aswell.
<SilverBull> i just see the comparison with my eye XD i've been blind all this time :(
<Raitou> <YouTube Link>
<Sakimichi> <link>
<Ryuuzakii> it does look better
<Raitou> "hang on, but i'm an xvid faggot."
<Sakimichi> lol xD
<Sakimichi> here's kawaii codec pack if anyones interested: <link>
<Sakimichi> here's another comparison as well
<Sakimichi> <link>
<Raitou> "Most people use VLC because they are too unintelligent to use their computers, not to mention it's probably ancient as fuck so it even has trouble playing even the newer superior format."
<Sakimichi> lol XD i can't blame them
<SilverBull> XD i love this video
<Gattix> >that “comparison”
<Gattix> >deadfish
<Sakimichi> im sorry..this was all i found in some forum
<Gattix> you know, you could just continue to use vlc
#1225 from #bakabt-staff, submitted on 22 Aug 2014 by Raito
<xgraphy> is the baby asian here?
<xgraphy> Laus?
<Laus-kun> I'm here now xgraphy
<Laus-kun> granny
#1227 from, submitted on 16 Oct 2014 by raito
<Raitou> why would we? :D
<LeB_Blood> bcuz ratio
<mib_gbga0h> I always seed back. Just with my tracker #
<Raitou> bcuz raito?
<mib_gbga0h> Yeah
<Raitou> the joke is my name
<mib_gbga0h> If it falls too low you bet banned
<LeB_Blood> lol
<Frosty-nee> Raitou: I lol'd
#1229 from #bakabt-staff, submitted on 31 Oct 2014 by Raito
<xgraphy> If I'm not online tomorrow I'm gonna stab a bitch
#1285 from #bakabt-staff, submitted on 06 Jan 2016 by Raito
<carks> motherfucker
<carks> STOP HAVING FUN!!!!!!!!!
<Moto-claus> Nu!
<Moto-claus> Make me!
* Duki sets mode +m on #bakabt-staff
* Duki removes voice from Moto-claus
* Duki sets ban on *!Moto-claus@*
* Duki sets ban on Moto-claus!*@*
<Duki> FOR GOOD MEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!ONE!!!!
#1289 from, submitted on 27 May 2016 by Raito
<Anonymeuss> Number6, who has more power, u or beth?
<Number6> I'm fairly confident I can bench press more than her
<Anonymeuss> XD i mean in this chatroom