#1218 (Score: 1) from #HorribleSubs, submitted on 13 Aug 2014 by Raito
<Ryuuzakii> why does the horriblesubs login message says vlc is shit?
<Raitou> because it's the truth?
<Ryuuzakii> lol
<Sakimichi> wait..i got screenshot comparison of VLC an MPC with madvr
<Raitou> goodie sakimichi, i was just searching for one aswell.
<SilverBull> i just see the comparison with my eye XD i've been blind all this time :(
<Raitou> <YouTube Link>
<Sakimichi> <link>
<Ryuuzakii> it does look better
<Raitou> "hang on, but i'm an xvid faggot."
<Sakimichi> lol xD
<Sakimichi> here's kawaii codec pack if anyones interested: <link>
<Sakimichi> here's another comparison as well
<Sakimichi> <link>
<Raitou> "Most people use VLC because they are too unintelligent to use their computers, not to mention it's probably ancient as fuck so it even has trouble playing even the newer superior format."
<Sakimichi> lol XD i can't blame them
<SilverBull> XD i love this video
<Gattix> >that “comparison”
<Gattix> >deadfish
<Sakimichi> im sorry..this was all i found in some forum
<Gattix> you know, you could just continue to use vlc