#1293 (Score: -3) from #bakabt-support, submitted on 15 Jan 2017 by Laus
* Yuna-chan (~Mibbit@313348A4.B561DB48.98ABFD35.IP) has joined
<Yuna-chan> hi guys ^-^
<lololitas> Hello
<lololitas> how can we help you?
<Yuna-chan> who else is chatting now?
<Yuna-chan> with nothing just chattin
<Yuna-chan> chatting*
<Yuna-chan> is Raito here??? omg
<Yuna-chan> hello??????
<Yuna-chan> :/
<lololitas> How about trying #bakabt for chatting
<Yuna-chan> ok brb
<lololitas> No idea, he's in the channel, but you rarely hear from him
<Yuna-chan> omg i FOUND M
<Yuna-chan> HIM
<Yuna-chan> i'm back
<Yuna-chan> hello
<lololitas> Anyway, if you just want to chat head to #bakabt, this is the support channel.
<Yuna-chan> hey, how can i chat with Raito?
<Yuna-chan> can you tell me pleaseee
<lololitas> Pm him?
<Yuna-chan> oh seriously???? ok i'll try
<Yuna-chan> he's not answering!
* Yuna-chan has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
<Laus> Does Raito have a fangirl
<Laus> omgomgomg
<lololitas> Apparently, and it invading my cave!
<der_richter> i smell wet pantsu