#233 (Score: 5) from #bakabt, submitted on 06 May 2010 by raylu
<LeB_Blood> raylu i know i was just messing, silly
<LeB_Blood> i just wanted Force's attention T_T
<raylu> oh, well in that case
<LeB_Blood> he's been neglecting me lately
<raylu> steal the staff whip and apply it to him
<LeB_Blood> there's a staff whip and i didn't know about it?
<godcheese> There is a staff to be whipped!!!
<firepixiedarien> a whip attached to a staff?
<raylu> LeB_Blood: https://pastee.org/febdr
<raylu> tl;dr: last line
<LeB_Blood> hhaha
<LeB_Blood> so our boy xiong was on a whipping spree?
<raylu> he's always on a whipping spree
<LeB_Blood> sneaky bugger
-!- LeB_Blood was kicked from #bakabt by xiong_chiamiov [*whip*]