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#56 from #linux, submitted on 12 Oct 2009 by raylu
<Harry> If you type:
<Harry> cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio
<Harry> you'll eventually hear the sound of 10,000 monkeys typing Hamlet.
#57 from #bakabt, submitted on 12 Oct 2009 by raylu
<humanoid2050> time to feed
<raylu> humanoid2050: on whose souls?
<humanoid2050> raylu: the souls of unhatched poultry
<humanoid2050> im making eggs
<xiong_chiamiov> who are you making them with?
<xiong_chiamiov> I mean, someone has to fertilize them, right?
#59 from #bakabt, submitted on 13 Oct 2009 by raylu
<Kitarity> Why the hell is it that when Japanese is added to a search I get porn...
<Kitarity> effing hell
<westrop> because japanese == porn ?
<XCetron> obv
#62 from #bakabt, submitted on 14 Oct 2009 by raylu
<kid1921|blood_plus> know, you don't have to build a ratio, it's always free
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> kid1921|blood_plus not really
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> MTR charges me for using the site
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> I have to pay in lolis
<MTR> (7:38pm) <To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> I have to pay in lolis
<MTR> You're passed due this month too
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> MTR I'll pay with interest
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> 1.1 lolis
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> .1 lolis isnt exactly exciting
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> so wait till its 2.0
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> I'll throw in a puppy as bonus
<raylu> .1 lolis can be very exciting.
<kid1921|blood_plus> it depends
<kid1921|blood_plus> what .1 is it?
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> raylu I knew you were sick
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> .1 is prebirth
<kid1921|blood_plus> VERY EXCITING
<kid1921|blood_plus> I thought you meant body parts though :(
#66 from #bakabt, submitted on 18 Oct 2009 by raylu
<Tetragrammaton> y so srs
<theholyduck> and thats why i hate haruhi
<theholyduck> Tetragrammaton, cause they had the recipie for brilliance, and then made it into shit
<LeB_Blood> lol
<LeB_Blood> he wasn't serious theholyduck
<theholyduck> LeB_Blood, Y U SPOILING MY RAGE?
<theholyduck> im in rage mode now, because theres still no planetes bdmv/bdisos
<LeB_Blood> theholyduck MOI?
<theholyduck> for me to rip
<LeB_Blood> aren't you always in rage mode??
<theholyduck> wut?
<Tetragrammaton> this is rather appropriate tho, this is atleast the second time I've seen that same rage
<theholyduck> i spent like the last 4 days
<theholyduck> praising stuff
<Tetragrammaton> so both my irc and my anime are repeating themselves
<theholyduck> while only lightly raging
<LeB_Blood> praising what?
<LeB_Blood> lool
<theholyduck> planetes mostly
<ChalamiuS> theholyduck, stop whining
<theholyduck> ChalamiuS, thats kind of what i do
<ChalamiuS> You're filling my logs with sad stuff that nobody wants to read :<
#67 from #bakabt, submitted on 20 Oct 2009 by raylu
<To_Aru_Shiroi_N> <+DreamTactix291> i want one of those not-related-by-blood imoutos
<To_Aru_Shiroi_N> are you not in the US?
<DreamTactix291> i am
<To_Aru_Shiroi_N> plenty of illegal immigrants to adopt :
<To_Aru_Shiroi_N> :P
<To_Aru_Shiroi_N> you could have a reverse harem of your own
<DreamTactix291> mexican imouto = do not want
#68 from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Oct 2009 by raylu
<wyrde> “I hate mayonnaise! It looks and tastes like sperm!”
<BlackLotusChan> ...
<LeB_Blood> sperm has no taste
<LeB_Blood> so i hear
<LeB_Blood> cough
<BlackLotusChan> ... tmi
<LeB_Blood> Lets ask the women
<BlackLotusChan> we got women in here?
<LeB_Blood> one
<LeB_Blood> sothis where are you lol
<BlackLotusChan> uuhmm isn't it a bit inappropriate?
<sothis> hi
<LeB_Blood> inappropriate?
<sothis> wait, sperm has no taste?
<sothis> wrong
<LeB_Blood> lol
<BlackLotusChan> xD
<sothis> wroooooooooooooooooooooooooong
#72 from #bakabt, submitted on 27 Oct 2009 by raylu
<Vanscot> If you want me, Kristen..
<Kristen> 1.5 days since our encoder logged on
<Vanscot> I could put you into doki-doki modo.
<Vanscot> :3
<Kristen> I'm annoying
<Kristen> *annoyed
<Kristen> >.<
<Kristen> That is getting WBed, isn't it
#79 from #bakabt, submitted on 30 Oct 2009 by raylu
<Chiyachan> say absolutely anything if you want amirite banned for good.
<raylu> Chiyachan: lol
<XCetron> you ruined it!!
<raylu> :(
<XCetron> that was a test run, now for the real try
<XCetron> right Chiyachan ?


<Chiyachan> Let's discuss me banning amirite again.
<Chiyachan> Aye for yes, and Nay for yes.
<amirite> :(
<Chiyachan> Vote now. :D
<amirite> nay
#82 from #bakabt, submitted on 03 Nov 2009 by raylu
<TCLe> Hehehehe
<TCLe> I just went to Walmart and bought 15 dollars of candy.
<TCLe> And 2 dollars worth of Toothpaste.
<xorl`> LOL
<raylu> i don't think it cancels out
<TCLe> Sure it does.
<TCLe> When you run out of Toothpaste.
<TCLe> Which...
<TCLe> I've been out of for the past 2 weeks.
<TCLe> I've been surviving on old tubes.
<TCLe> Used up the last squeeze this morning on some Crest Cinnamon toothpaste.
<Kristen> TCLe, when you squeeze it just right, creamy white stuff comes out?
<TCLe> Actually, it was red.
<Kristen> O.O
<TCLe> And my Aquafresh has multicolors.
<xorl`> lol
* Kristen rushes TCLe to a doctor