#297 (Score: 8) from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Jul 2010 by raylu
<raylu> Proletar: 404s are always awesome
* Proletar cackles at raylu
<Proletar> Keikaku = success
* Nubmer6 hands raylu a hammer
<raylu> actually, 404s are one of the things hammers can't fix
<raylu> also on the very short list of things hammers don't fix: global warming, world hunger, stupidity
<ss23> raylu: Lies
<ss23> Kill the stupid people
<Nubmer6> Hammers cer..
<ss23> with a hammer
<Nubmer6> yeah
<Nubmer6> exactly
<ss23> Feed them to the hungry people
<ss23> There, now it's down to one raylu
<ss23> :D