#50 (Score: 0) from Sekret BakaBT Hangout, submitted on 02 Oct 2009 by Chiyachan
<@Chiyachan> PFCorner thinks Jaru took the money and ran cos he got upset about being forced to be called, "Jaruchan". >_>
<@MTR> I think it was you actually Chiyachan. You hacked your way into the paypal account, extorted the funds, and bought Chobits drama CDs
<@Chiyachan> Shit.
<@Chiyachan> Who told you?
<@Chiyachan> Shut up.
<@Chiyachan> >_>
<@MTR> and then came back thinking nobody would know
<@Chiyachan> SHUT UP.
<@Chiyachan> >>_>
<@MTR> Elementary my dear Chiya
<@MTR> elementary
<@Chiyachan> And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for dem pesky MTRs.
<@MTR> and my mangey mutt.
<@Chiyachan> What did Duki have to do with it?
<@MTR> He...actually did nothing, now that you mention it. I'm not sure why I credited him with helping...