#62 (Score: 10) from #bakabt, submitted on 14 Oct 2009 by raylu
<kid1921|blood_plus> ....you know, you don't have to build a ratio, it's always free
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> kid1921|blood_plus not really
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> MTR charges me for using the site
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> I have to pay in lolis
<MTR> (7:38pm) <To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> I have to pay in lolis
<MTR> You're passed due this month too
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> MTR I'll pay with interest
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> 1.1 lolis
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> .1 lolis isnt exactly exciting
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> so wait till its 2.0
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> I'll throw in a puppy as bonus
<raylu> .1 lolis can be very exciting.
<kid1921|blood_plus> it depends
<kid1921|blood_plus> what .1 is it?
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> raylu I knew you were sick
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> .1 is prebirth
<kid1921|blood_plus> VERY EXCITING
<kid1921|blood_plus> I thought you meant body parts though :(