#68 (Score: 10) from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Oct 2009 by raylu
<wyrde> “I hate mayonnaise! It looks and tastes like sperm!”
<BlackLotusChan> ...
<LeB_Blood> sperm has no taste
<LeB_Blood> so i hear
<LeB_Blood> cough
<BlackLotusChan> ... tmi
<LeB_Blood> Lets ask the women
<BlackLotusChan> we got women in here?
<LeB_Blood> one
<LeB_Blood> sothis where are you lol
<BlackLotusChan> uuhmm isn't it a bit inappropriate?
<sothis> hi
<LeB_Blood> inappropriate?
<sothis> wait, sperm has no taste?
<sothis> wrong
<LeB_Blood> lol
<BlackLotusChan> xD
<sothis> wroooooooooooooooooooooooooong