#82 (Score: 3) from #bakabt, submitted on 03 Nov 2009 by raylu
<TCLe> Hehehehe
<TCLe> I just went to Walmart and bought 15 dollars of candy.
<TCLe> And 2 dollars worth of Toothpaste.
<xorl`> LOL
<raylu> i don't think it cancels out
<TCLe> Sure it does.
<TCLe> When you run out of Toothpaste.
<TCLe> Which...
<TCLe> I've been out of for the past 2 weeks.
<TCLe> I've been surviving on old tubes.
<TCLe> Used up the last squeeze this morning on some Crest Cinnamon toothpaste.
<Kristen> TCLe, when you squeeze it just right, creamy white stuff comes out?
<TCLe> Actually, it was red.
<Kristen> O.O
<TCLe> And my Aquafresh has multicolors.
<xorl`> lol
* Kristen rushes TCLe to a doctor