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#290 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 01 Jul 2010 by falgern
<ricowatatsu> i was saying that my penis is so tiny its more like a flat spot
#329 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 18 Aug 2010 by Southrop
<Nemui-Senpai> activity at 8am in the morning?
* Nemui-Senpai is now known as Blaze-Senpai
<+atlantiza> it's 11 am for me :3
<Blaze-Senpai> screw you central :3
<+atlantiza> eastern :3
<Blaze-Senpai> ...
<Blaze-Senpai> wow I need to go back to sleep
<+atlantiza> indeed
<+atlantiza> but I would prefer if you did not screw my central
<+atlantiza> I-I don't know you that well!
<Blaze-Senpai> ...nan de...
#333 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 23 Aug 2010 by ChalamiuS
<&delamoo> IX: I am curious.
<&delamoo> Is it really that bad?
<+atlantiza> <delamoo> IX: I am curious. <-- what he really means is "take your pants off"
<IX> Well, in that case I'm curious, too.
<+ChalamiuS> ... you know... that actually made sense with his follow up, atlantiza
<IX> haha Chala
<IX> It does. :|
#334 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 26 Aug 2010 by Southrop
<&delamoo> torque: Obviously yeah. We just need to divide it up... I'll make a spreadsheet for you all tomorrow
<&delamoo> detailing who is doing which episodes
<%gesshoki> yay organization
<torque> hokay, sounds good
<Yuuka-Kazami> i call ep 1!
<%gesshoki> I call yuuka
* Yuuka-Kazami blushes
* Yuuka-Kazami fidgets
<Yuuka-Kazami> b-baka.
#348 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 04 Sep 2010 by Southrop
<FullOnRapist> i'm super tired, and it's 3:33
* FullOnRapist (Rapist@not.a.philanthropist) Quit (Quit: good day, sirs)
<Blaze-Senpai> weak
<torque> real men never sleep ever
<torque> that said, I'm off to bed o/
#355 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 08 Sep 2010 by Southrop
<Yuuka-Kazami> class of 2012 is so fucking lucky with everything :(
<+atlantiza> I want to just get early admissions over with =ω=
<Yuuka-Kazami> they're also the first class not to be required to take latin first year at my school
<Yuuka-Kazami> we're also the first class to be required to wear our school's ties; '10 didn't need to because the ties just came out
<Yuuka-Kazami> whyyyy ;_;
<+atlantiza> :V
<+atlantiza> uniforms?
<Yuuka-Kazami> yeah.
<+atlantiza> y-yuuka in a plaid skirt? :DDD
<+atlantiza> lol
<Yuuka-Kazami> D: D: D:
<Yuuka-Kazami> は、はずかしい~
<+atlantiza> パンツが見える‹
<+atlantiza> ピンクだ!
<Yuuka-Kazami> うぅ~
<Yuuka-Kazami> やめてください、お姉ちゃん! ;_;
* Yuuka-Kazami fidgets
<+atlantiza> いやだ!
<Yuuka-Kazami> ひどいよ!
#357 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 08 Sep 2010 by Southrop
<%gesshoki> :|
<+atlantiza> haha
<Yuuka-Kazami> hi gecchan |:
<+atlantiza> too much :| in a good convo
<%gesshoki> if it's me and yuuka in a convo then you'll probably be seeing :| or |; a lot
<+atlantiza> :|
<%gesshoki> and mouf
<Yuuka-Kazami> that is correct
<Yuuka-Kazami> this is not a good example of gecchan and me conversing
<+atlantiza> :|
<Yuuka-Kazami> usually it's rapid-fire nonsense
<Southrop> |:
<Yuuka-Kazami> but i can't be bothered to right now |:
<+atlantiza> :|
* Yuuka-Kazami rapes atlantiza |:
<+atlantiza> :|
<%gesshoki> me neither :|
<+atlantiza> this is my rape face :|
<Yuuka-Kazami> hot |:
<Southrop> interesting :|
<+atlantiza> this is my rape face :|
<+atlantiza> er
<+atlantiza> :|
<Yuuka-Kazami> |:
<%gesshoki> :| is my :| face
<Southrop> it's beautiful, gesshoki |:
<Yuuka-Kazami> :| users are conformists |:
<+atlantiza> :|
<Southrop> |:
<Yuuka-Kazami> :|
<%gesshoki> :l
<+atlantiza> :|
<Southrop> :T
#452 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 14 Dec 2010 by Falgern

<kirei-chan> i think the name of my new cat will be
<kirei-chan> "Little Sparta"
<kirei-chan> what do you think?
<Falgern> uhh
<Falgern> what about
<Falgern> Fluffy
<kirei-chan> yeh i'm between that, little sparta and oliver
<Falgern> Fluffy
<DBG> male or female?
<kirei-chan> male
* namaiki has quit (Quit: slipped on a banana peel..)
<Falgern> Fluffies
<kirei-chan> if it was futa he'd be Chuu Norries
<DBG> lol
<DBG> damnit falgern
<DBG> now the only name I can think of is "Fluffy"
<Falgern> Told you
<kirei-chan> lmao
<Falgern> Fluffy is the perfect name for a male cat
<kirei-chan> Little Sparta isn't good for a cat namae?
<kirei-chan> ;X
<Falgern> No
<kirei-chan> damn..
<kirei-chan> Fluffy or Oliver?
<Falgern> Thats like saying "This cat is stupid enough to run into a fortress and die"
<Falgern> Oliver is a faggot
<kirei-chan> Lol.
<kirei-chan> Blobby?
<kirei-chan> fag too?
* namaiki (brainstew@Hyb.gfx) has joined #uguu~subs
<kirei-chan> fluffy is cliche tho
<Falgern> Blobby is a good name.. for a booger
<kirei-chan> Lol
<kirei-chan> Alright Fluffy it is
<torque> Falgern is a fagoot dohohohoho
<torque> <3
<Falgern> torque <3
<kirei-chan> yes he is, but he named my cat
#724 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 02 Sep 2011 by ChalamiuS
< komori> gesshoki: so I'm redoing all my cable management in my desktop, and I just took a bothersome cluster of cables and j-j-jamed them in, and all fans still rotate freely \o/
< Yuuno_Arashiko> this reminds me of that time i made DDoS attacks sound ero
< Yuuno_Arashiko> ahnn~~
< Yuuno_Arashiko> my ports are overflowing~~~
< Yuuno_Arashiko> i can't handle any more~~~~~