#1166 (Score: 4) from #bakabt-support, submitted on 16 May 2014 by Raito
<suman> hello any body plz
<suman> helo Laus-kun
<Laus-kun> talk to someone else
<Laus-kun> I'm busy
<suman> you know some body
<suman> plz
<suman> hello Raitou
<suman> can any body guide plz
<suman> wy every body is so insensitive
<suman> u have open a channel to guide ,but no one is forwarding a helping hand
<suman> r u dere to cheat us ,i asked this to every bakabt support staff
<suman> hello bakabt
<suman> r u dead
<suman> is evryone here is dead\
<suman> helloo xgraphy
<suman> hello laus-kun r u fre now
<Laus-kun> suman, read the wiki
<suman> wy r u confusing me