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#286 from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Jun 2010 by Anonymous
<Nijikokun> bigger ratio = bigger epeen
<Nijikokun> isn't that one of the messages it says?
<Rezagrats> Probably
<Rezagrats> Use !ratio enough times to find out.
<Rezagrats> !ratio a10112
<BBT> [a10112] Has 454.45 GB (Uploaded) 251.45 GB (Downloaded) and has a Ratio of 1.807 (Good to see you above 1.0).
<sungman> Oh lordy, what hath you done?
<Nijikokun> !ratio sungman
<BBT> [sungman] Has 81.84 GB (Uploaded) 44.10 GB (Downloaded) and has a Ratio of 1.856 (Higher ratio = bigger e-penor).
<Nijikokun> yep
<Nijikokun> =P
<Rezagrats> Hahaha
<sungman> Oh shit
<Rezagrats> First one. xD
#309 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 Aug 2010 by Anonymous
<Dokuro-chan> And suddenly, it was like I was choking on a million dicks
#317 from #bakabt, submitted on 05 Aug 2010 by Anonymous
19:44 * vermi rubs rice on Kitarity.
19:44 < Kitarity> You require more rice
#338 from Unknown, submitted on 30 Aug 2010 by Anonymous
<+netseks> COW?
<ThePatches> cow?
<ThePatches> me?
<ThePatches> yes.
* ThePatches is fat.
* ThePatches doesn't deserve to eat.
* ThePatches will never get a job with thighs like that.
* Solipsism gives ThePatches a Big Mac
* Solipsism throws in a Jumbo Coke
<ThePatches> nuuuu!
<ThePatches> that's more calories than I'm allowed in a month!
* Solipsism hangs the Big Mac on a string and makes it fly around like a ghost
<Solipsism> It's POSSESSED
<Solipsism> It MUST BE EATEN
* Solipsism throws his voice to the Big Mac: "EAT ME, WOOOOO~"
<ThePatches> nuuu!!!
* ThePatches runs screaming out of the room/
* ThePatches ( Quit (Quit: ThePatches)
<Solipsism> lmao
<+netseks> derp
<+netseks> 3
<+netseks> 2
<+netseks> 1
<+netseks> oh snap! ragequit!
#342 from Unknown, submitted on 31 Aug 2010 by Anonymous
* &Wintereise is downloading 涼風のメルト -Where wishes are drawn to each other-
<&Jun-chan> pr0n?
<&Cirno`> it's Wintereise so ofc it's pr0n. pr0n or music
<&Jun-chan> lol
<&Wintereise> That is pretty accurate
<&Wintereise> <_<
<&Wintereise> >_>
#407 from #vn-meta, submitted on 26 Oct 2010 by Anonymous
<~vermi> I know there are probably a dozen Mexican places around your place.
<+DreamTactix291> i don't like mexican food
<+DreamTactix291> does horrible things to me
<~vermi> you're being too picky.
<+DreamTactix291> so does most food
<~vermi> just deal with the diarrhea.
<~vermi> that's what men do.
<~vermi> we eat, we shit, we get on with life.
#432 from #bakabt-sekret-place, submitted on 07 Dec 2010 by Anonymous
* | Chiyachan shoves something up his bum bum hole.
#520 from Unknown, submitted on 14 Jan 2011 by Anonymous
<ricowatatsu> i live in oregon yo. its cold here
<ricowatatsu> cant leave the next generation hanging out in the weather
<Falgern> sooo hungry
<Falgern> soo ronery
<ricowatatsu> Q_Q
* ricowatatsu offers falgern pizza
<Falgern> <ricowatatsu> cant leave the next generation hanging out in the weather <- Like you will ever get any kids =D
<ricowatatsu> wat
<Yuuno_Arashiko> ownedlol
<ricowatatsu> i want to have children
* Falgern nomnom's ricowatatsu pizza
<ricowatatsu> id be a good father too
<ricowatatsu> read to my kids
<ricowatatsu> not go out to bars and leave their mother alone to raise them
<ricowatatsu> play legos with them
<ricowatatsu> basically i want to play with toys
<Falgern> <ricowatatsu> rape my kids
<ricowatatsu> and if i have to have kids to get away with it
<ricowatatsu> so be it
<Falgern> ohh sure
<Yuuno_Arashiko> forever childlike
<Falgern> You want to play with toys
<Falgern> adulttoys
<Yuuno_Arashiko> ownedlol
<ricowatatsu> >_>
<ricowatatsu> i have so many transformers
<ricowatatsu> id buy my kids duplos
<ricowatatsu> and play with the transformers by myself
<Falgern> <ricowatatsu> id buy my kids vibrators
<Blaze-Senpai> Choking Hazards
<Blaze-Senpai> Also get a horny girlfriend and you'll have all the toys you'll need
* Blaze-Senpai breaks compiz
<ricowatatsu> <_<
<ricowatatsu> im pretty intimidated by vibrators
<Falgern> inb4 ricowatatsu goes to store and says "Do you have any smaller? It's too big for my daughter"
#521 from Unknown, submitted on 14 Jan 2011 by Anonymous
<Falgern> nullx, You are aware of the fact that ChalamiuS is male right?
<nullx> yer trollan
<nullx> i saw pics of bewbs
<nullx> had hawt cyberz in KF and stuff
<Falgern> lol
<Falgern> moobs
<Falgern> not boobs
#577 from Unknown, submitted on 15 Feb 2011 by Anonymous
-!- Jarudin [] has joined
-!- mode/ [+v Jarudin] by ChanServ
* vermi attacks jarudin
-!- Jarudin [] has left []
* vermi nods.
<@vermi> that's right.