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#646 from #bakabt, submitted on 09 Apr 2011 by Anonymous
<+kureshii> do a barrel-roll
<XCE> whos watching TSL today
* Frostbite does an aileron roll instead
<+kureshii> incorrect. try again. follow the waypoints marked on your radar.
* Frostbite implodes
<+kureshii> :>
* Frostbite is now known as Black_Hole
* Black_Hole consumes the channel
<XCE> wow he must have been really fat
<+ChalamiuS> o_O
<XCE> and now hes really dense
<+kureshii> XCE: got too full of him/herself maybe
#659 from #ahk, submitted on 18 Apr 2011 by Anonymous
<shezed> you cant create anything from nothing
<BigVent> Well, you started here as a turd not knowing anything about ahk... yet you've blossomed into a turd salad.
<BigVent> ergo, something from nothing
#671 from Unknown, submitted on 09 May 2011 by Anonymous
<Falgern> <torque> well yes, one would hope that a datacenter would have a large pipe
<Falgern> what about asian datacenters
<Falgern> I heard asians usually have a smaller pipe
<Isurugi_Mio> I thought they just had smaller rods
<Falgern> wands
<Falgern> smaller wands as well
<Isurugi_Mio> is that why their magicians only do puffs of smoke instead of slay dragons with magic
<Isurugi_Mio> I fucking knew wand size matterd
<delamoo> aren't smaller wands better as they're more subtle?
<delamoo> more of a surprise element
<Isurugi_Mio> not if you cant kill someone with the magic it produces
<Isurugi_Mio> be like a dagger vs a broadsword
#673 from Unknown, submitted on 15 May 2011 by Anonymous
<Jun-chan> I've never torrented off my uni connection
<Falgern> I've never Jun-chaned off my torrent connection
<Jun-chan> I can vouch for that
#717 from #BiriBiri, submitted on 23 Aug 2011 by Anonymous
<&ChalamiuS> I can add them
<~Cirno> do eet
<&ChalamiuS> No.
<&ChalamiuS> It's Perl
<~Cirno> :<
<&ChalamiuS> I need to feel like touching it
#734 from Unknown, submitted on 26 Sep 2011 by Anonymous
[@Wintereise] Yoshiyuki and Jun'ichi's dick size expands with time, it seems
[[@Wintereise] ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
[&arsmagna] Wintereise you are a beast lol
[@Wintereise] lol
[&Ginga_Bishounen] about Wintereise: plays da capo for the dicks
#844 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 22 Nov 2012 by Anonymous
<+EmptyMemory> my friend keeps repeating the phrase "not enough minerals" while im trying to study
<+EmptyMemory> he doesnt even play starcraft
<+EmptyMemory> he's also saying "i could suck a thousand dicks right now"
<+EmptyMemory> i dont know which is worse
#848 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 14 Dec 2012 by Anonymous
<+kurandoinu> "there are no polar bears in england..."
<+kurandoinu> Lies
<+JoonasTo> they have them
<+JoonasTo> hidden and trained to strike upon unsuspecting nazi invaders
#850 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 18 Dec 2012 by Anonymous
<+xgraphy> how about some tame erotica
#987 from, submitted on 14 Oct 2013 by Anonymous
BulletwithButterflyWings has joined
<BulletwithButterflyWings> hello???
<petrovich> hi??????????????????????????????????
<BulletwithButterflyWings> hi
<BulletwithButterflyWings> isn't there more ppl
<petrovich> yes, there are currently 88 users in this room
<BulletwithButterflyWings> then wtf aren't any of them talking
<petrovich> because not everyone joins a room to TALK ALL THE TIME
<petrovich> and people have lives, they GO AFK and HAVE TO DO STUFF
<petrovich> not INTERNET 24/7/365
<BulletwithButterflyWings> ik that but only one person besides me is talking and that's u buddy
<BulletwithButterflyWings> and jesus person hi nice too see u have a 9 foot pole uyp ur ass would u like to be a decent human being and try that again
<BulletwithButterflyWings> a normal greeting is hi how are u my name is such and such
<BulletwithButterflyWings> and u are
<BulletwithButterflyWings> nice to meet u mr chokeondick
BulletwithButterflyWings has quit []