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#1059 from, submitted on 15 Jan 2014 by lbatalha
* Nubmer6 suspect that Floopie has not yet discovered the magic of tab completion
* lbatalha suspects with Nubmer6
*** Quits: Floopie ( (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Nubmer6> And by extension, has not discovered the horror of tab fail
*** Joins: Floopie (
<Floopie> darn u
<Floopie> backspaced...
* Nubmer6 points and laughs at Floopie
<Floopie> so the tab what?!
<Nubmer6> Floopie... tab completion is your friend
<Floopie> how do i do that?
<lbatalha> you tab
<Nubmer6> Type Nub<TAB>
<Floopie> TAB
<Nubmer6> ...
<lbatalha> ...
<Floopie> <TAB>
<Floopie> lolz
<lbatalha> ......
<Nubmer6> NUB then the tap key
<Nubmer6> baka.
<Floopie> QQ
<Floopie> i tap the tab
<Floopie> nothing happens
<Nubmer6> sigh
<Nubmer6> ok, nevermind
<lbatalha> welp
<Floopie> nooooo
<Floopie> i feel stupid now >.>
<Floopie> >.>
<Floopie> nub <TAB>
<Floopie> what!
<Floopie> D:
<Nubmer6> Face->desk
<Floopie> :D
<Cold_Slither> every time I see "floopie", I think "floppy boobies"
<Floopie> j<tab>
<Nubmer6> Cold_Slither: I think "floozie"
<Floopie> cmn<TAB>
<Floopie> noo !
<Floopie> :D
<Nubmer6> Floopie, when I say <tab>, I mean the tab key
<Nubmer6> Not "<tab>"
<Floopie> ok
<Floopie> what next
#1060 from, submitted on 15 Jan 2014 by lbatalha
[Talking about spin the bottle, and possibly adding !spin]
<mib_kj3cif> how the fuck do play? do you spin your fucking laptop lol you people are strange
#1227 from, submitted on 16 Oct 2014 by raito
<Raitou> why would we? :D
<LeB_Blood> bcuz ratio
<mib_gbga0h> I always seed back. Just with my tracker #
<Raitou> bcuz raito?
<mib_gbga0h> Yeah
<Raitou> the joke is my name
<mib_gbga0h> If it falls too low you bet banned
<LeB_Blood> lol
<Frosty-nee> Raitou: I lol'd
#1289 from, submitted on 27 May 2016 by Raito
<Anonymeuss> Number6, who has more power, u or beth?
<Number6> I'm fairly confident I can bench press more than her
<Anonymeuss> XD i mean in this chatroom
#1291 from, submitted on 18 Jun 2016 by Anonymous
<ss23> ShadeDream: will you put on your maid outfit when you do? :D
<ShadeDream> ss23, Im not into maids so much
<ShadeDream> goth loli nekomimi maybe...