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#663 from, submitted on 25 Apr 2011 by raylu
<b00bage2> kakashi7111: if it has an apple logo on it and steve jobs says it good people will buy it
<b00bage2> its*
<ShadeDream> b00bage2: SOME people. Some people recognize a tool for what it does well and use it anyway, regardless of maker or logo.
<Drahken> "Some people recognize a tool " <--yep, steve jobs is quite the tool alright....
#665 from, submitted on 29 Apr 2011 by Frostbite
<Frostbite> holyshit, "save $750"? [on Microsoft Office]
<Frostbite> that pricing is ridiculous
<raylu> 750 AUD, no less
<raylu> which is worth more
<raylu> because our economy- wait
<raylu> need to finish making fun of microsoft
#701 from, submitted on 21 Jul 2011 by Frostbite
-!- vermi [] has joined
<AvidChronos> omg vermi is here
<AvidChronos> -vermi- not here ... (away for 3 minutes and 40 seconds)
<AvidChronos> guess not...
#715 from, submitted on 12 Aug 2011 by LeB_Blood
* Joins: Grospoliner_ (
* Quits: Grospoliner ( (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Grospoliner_> God
<Grospoliner_> fucking comcast
<ByteMe> in soviet russia, comcast fucks yuou.
<ByteMe> wait, that's here. never mind
#767 from, submitted on 13 Dec 2011 by Frostbite
<+netseks> UnScramble this Word: i p e e r l s t
<cruzinforitr> peerlist
<@Nubmer6> peerlist
<@Nubmer6> lol
<Rfsancho> XD
<+netseks> Here's your 1st hint, r___ile_
<@Frosty-nee> lol
<Rfsancho> XD
<+netseks> Here's your 2nd hint, r__tiles
<Rfsancho> fkn pirates
#771 from, submitted on 17 Dec 2011 by Solipsism
* Gottaname is back from a 3 day fun and games in the armeh!
* Gottaname goes into his warrior mode
* Gottaname mews
* @Frosty-nee roars at Gottaname
* Gottaname leaps up 10 metres and lands on Frosty-nee's face
* Gottaname digs out Frosty-nee's eyes with a toothpick
* Gottaname feeds on his eye jellies
* Solipsism unscrews Gottaname's head and shits down his NECK
<Gottaname> OH NOM NOM NOM
<@Frosty-nee> lol
<@Frosty-nee> perfect timing
#772 from, submitted on 17 Dec 2011 by Solipsism
<Solipsism> I love to hate how reviewers "would defiantly recommend this"
<Solipsism> Although it's strangely appropriate when they're the only positive review
#776 from, submitted on 25 Dec 2011 by Frostbite
<Zinfrared> someone bought me a Naruto manga for xmas
<@Frosty-nee> OH GOD
<@Frosty-nee> I...
<@Frosty-nee> i'm so sorry
<kureshii> :o
<kureshii> so you have something to burn to keep you warm this christmas
<kureshii> sounds nice enough
<@Frosty-nee> but at least now you have an expensive fire starter
#779 from, submitted on 23 Jan 2012 by Nubmer6
<cruz-> tr! german to englih Aber ja, natürlich Hans nass ist, er steht unter einem Wasserfall
<cruz-> How use translate
<Nubmer6> !tr de|en Aber ja, natürlich Hans nass ist, er steht unter einem Wasserfall
<superloli> But yes , of course, Hans is wet , he is under a waterfall
<cruz-> what is the alt number for straightline
<Rfsancho> cruz, its next to your forward slash
<Rfsancho> rather, right one it
<cruz-> |
<ShadeDream> pipe?
<cruz-> ohhhhhhh
<cruz-> wow
<cruz-> I've never noticed that there
<Rfsancho> :|
<ShadeDream> :|
<Nubmer6> :|
<cruz-> LOL
#987 from, submitted on 14 Oct 2013 by Anonymous
BulletwithButterflyWings has joined
<BulletwithButterflyWings> hello???
<petrovich> hi??????????????????????????????????
<BulletwithButterflyWings> hi
<BulletwithButterflyWings> isn't there more ppl
<petrovich> yes, there are currently 88 users in this room
<BulletwithButterflyWings> then wtf aren't any of them talking
<petrovich> because not everyone joins a room to TALK ALL THE TIME
<petrovich> and people have lives, they GO AFK and HAVE TO DO STUFF
<petrovich> not INTERNET 24/7/365
<BulletwithButterflyWings> ik that but only one person besides me is talking and that's u buddy
<BulletwithButterflyWings> and jesus person hi nice too see u have a 9 foot pole uyp ur ass would u like to be a decent human being and try that again
<BulletwithButterflyWings> a normal greeting is hi how are u my name is such and such
<BulletwithButterflyWings> and u are
<BulletwithButterflyWings> nice to meet u mr chokeondick
BulletwithButterflyWings has quit []