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#268 from, submitted on 09 Jun 2010 by theholyduck
<SaberUK> i had a nightmare once, i was trying to tab complete someones name, on an irc channel with 10 thousand users
<SaberUK> i woke up shaking. lol.
#312 from, submitted on 04 Aug 2010 by Solipsism
<Smushers-chan> naurot would improve immensely if they made a naruto kai
<Smushers-chan> I saw an episode of the dbz kai dub recently and man watching events unfold at a speedy pace improved its quality 10-fold
<Solipsism> Naruto would improve immensely if they added alchemy, removed the ninjas, overhauled the plot, and called it FMA
<Solipsism> >_>
<afkanimewatch> Solipsism: nobody needs a remake of FMA xD
<Solipsism> No, but I could forgive a third FMA if it got rid of Naruto
#325 from, submitted on 15 Aug 2010 by Solipsism
<eaper> I think it's fine not to fap
<eaper> Saves a lot of time
<eaper> and viruses
<godcheese> indeed
<godcheese> wait
<godcheese> how does fapping save on viruses?
<godcheese> your hand has STD's?
<eaper> Computer
<godcheese> oh
<eaper> Fap blisters.
<Solipsism> lol, that's what I should start calling my oozing sores
<eaper> oozing?
<Solipsism> "No baby, I just masturbate a lot thinking of you"
<eaper> ._.
* Solipsism is joking by the way
<Kakashi7111> OH GOD
<NimirRa> this got gross pretty fast
<Solipsism> lmfao
* Solipsism submits that one to the QDB for sure, and doesn't even care if it gets accepted XD
#326 from, submitted on 16 Aug 2010 by Solipsism
<@Drahken> here's my impression of solip & smush arguing:
<SaberUK> Drahken: who's who
<Solipsism> You lie Drahken... that's not YOUR impression
<@Drahken> dunno saber, does it really matter who's who?
<Solipsism> I'm probably the little girl IMO
<SaberUK> Drahken: yes
<Smushers> drahken that image is incredibly old meme. I can even tell what it is without looking
<SaberUK> thats what HE said
<@Drahken> just because it's old smush, doesn't mean that it doesn't apply :p
<Smushers> it means it's stupid and uncreative and in this case, just another means for people to randomly insult the mentally handicapped
<Solipsism> Mentally handicapped?
<Solipsism> The girl is retarded?
<Solipsism> Wow i really am the girl
#343 from, submitted on 02 Sep 2010 by Solipsism
<@Drahken> it's interesting how casper the ghost always says he has no friends at the beginning of each ep, despite the fact that he always makes a friend by the end of every ep
<@Drahken> it makes you wonder if he isn't killing his new friends every day
<Solipsism> Wow Drahken
<Solipsism> WOW
<Smushers> drahken lol this requires an investigation
<@Drahken> "yay! a new friend!" *stab* *stab* "boo hoo, I don't have any friends"
<Smushers> drahken maybe it's not his fault. Could be split personality
<@Drahken> that was another possibility I thought of when I was originally thinking about this
<@Drahken> the casper cartoons came out not long after wwii, so I began to wonder if casper is really hitler's ghost, existing in a sort of eternal limbo as punishment for his murderous ways
<Smushers> ...Wat
<Solipsism> EPIC
#351 from, submitted on 06 Sep 2010 by Solipsism
<Solipsism> sothis_: Olive oil is the bomb in almost anything
<Solipsism> And I say “almost” because I haven’t tried it on cake yet
#395 from, submitted on 06 Oct 2010 by Solipsism
* Nubmer6 flashes his boobs at LeB_Blood
* LeB_Blood pokes them with a sharp knife
* Nubmer6 leaks
<vermi|zZz> Don't! You'll deflate Nubmer6 !
<vermi|zZz> And I don't want to blow him up again :<
<vermi|zZz> Last time I did that, he got mayonnaise on my face
#396 from, submitted on 06 Oct 2010 by Solipsism
<Solipsism> Hey wtf
<Solipsism> There's a quote on the QBD submitted under my name, that I did not submit >:|
<Solipsism> You fuckers stop using my name
<LeB_Blood> most of the ones of me i didn't submit, Solipsism
<LeB_Blood> the idea is to let anyone submit them
<Solipsism> No, not a quote of something I said
<Solipsism> It's a quote that says "submitted by solipsism"
<Solipsism> And i didn't submit it
<LeB_Blood> oh
* Solipsism makes an angry face
<LeB_Blood> are you positive?
<Solipsism> Pretty positive, as it's fairly recent and I've been gone for two weeks
<LeB_Blood> eh i guess it is possible to submit them under someone elses name
<LeB_Blood> but i fail to see the point of that
<LeB_Blood> you could just type annonymos
<Solipsism> I doubt I was even here for it, especially as I just idle in bakabt these days anyway, rarely chat <_<
<Solipsism> Wait a second
<Solipsism> It says right on the quote "You're now known as vermi|fap"
<Solipsism> VERMI
#409 from, submitted on 29 Oct 2010 by vermi
< Frostbite> fortunately, this being a text only environment, his face cannot affect us
< vermi> Frostbite: oh little do you know
< vermi> his face is mighty
< vermi> mighty hideous
< Shyshy> ouch
< Shyshy> he's not bringing sexy back?
< vermi> Shyshy: he chased sexy far, far away
#472 from, submitted on 20 Dec 2010 by Frostbite
* Joins: jamaica
<jamaica> hey
* Frostbite is now known as Cuba
<Cuba> hello there
<jamaica> wow