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#802 from Unknown, submitted on 26 Jul 2012 by raylu
<Deadhobo> I'm so weeaboo I'm actually Japanese
#835 from #HeartoftheSwarm, submitted on 30 Oct 2012 by raylu
On 29-10-2012 (Hurricane Sandy):
<Deadhobo> Hmm... Evidently going outside during a hurricane isn't the greatest of ideas.
<raylu> Deadhobo: good to know, thanks
<Deadhobo> No problem
<Deadhobo> Just thought you guys should know
<Deadhobo> cause I stepped in a puddle
<Deadhobo> and then my feet were cold
#846 from #x264, freenode, submitted on 07 Dec 2012 by raylu
11:16:07 -!- moos3 [] has joined #x264
<moos3> what is the latest version ?
<BugMaster> 1cffe9f406cc54f4759fc9eeb85598fb8cae66c7
#854 from #heartoftheswarm, submitted on 21 Jan 2013 by raylu
<ShadeDream> >_>
* Frosty-nee flips ShadeChan
* Frosty-nee flips ShadeDream too
* ShadeDream flips gravity because flipping frosty's mom would defy physics
#885 from #raylu, submitted on 16 Apr 2013 by raylu
<jmw327> ah, oops, i need python3 to run pbot T_T
<raylu> luckily, you're on debian so that's super-easy, amirite?
<jmw327> typing shit is never easy
<jmw327> just one step closer to getting rsi
#890 from #bakabt, submitted on 14 May 2013 by raylu
<Derelicte> i didnt use a reader in particular. it was off a website. but this was a year or two ago, so i dont remember the specifics
<SeventyX7> Online readers fucking suck.
<SeventyX7> Get mangameeya.
<Derelicte> SeventyX7, you're trying to send me down a dark road, huh?
<SeventyX7> A wonderful dark road.
<SeventyX7> Full of magic.
<SeventyX7> And horse sex.
#914 from #esc, coldfront, submitted on 07 Aug 2013 by raylu
-!- calatalee [Mibbit@726B421A.EAA9832B.D40F973D.IP] has joined #esc
<calatalee> hello, anyone here?
<calatalee> I have an important question to ask
<Artefact2> calatalee: /topic
<calatalee> Artefact2: oh I'm so glad you're here to help
<calatalee> I need to know, if you spin an Oriental person around several times, do they become disoriented?
-!- calatalee [Mibbit@726B421A.EAA9832B.D40F973D.IP] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
<Artefact2> someone please zap the last 5 minutes of my memories from my brain
#1014 from #learnprogramming, freenode, submitted on 07 Nov 2013 by raylu
<nickybaby> is this your passion darkf?
<raylu> no, gyros are his passion
<darkf> ^
<darkf> i will have to buy one of those spit roasters and put some lamb on it
<darkf> then i need an oven to bake pita
<darkf> then i need ingredients to make tzatziki sauce
<darkf> then i will open the 666th gyro shop in portland
<darkf> and make an average amount of money after a tiring day of mostly manual labor and fake half-smiles
<nickybaby> LOL
<darkf> but it will be far more enjoyable and fulfilling than writing Java in a cramped cubicle filled with other drones walking around in an air conditioned, fluorescent light-treated jail
<nickybaby> HAHAHAHAHAHA
#1050 from #learnprogramming, freenode, submitted on 16 Dec 2013 by raylu
<darkf> i want to play truck sim 2013
<darkf> i am getting really angry watching this chick try to park a trailer truck
<darkf> in a simulator
<darkf> shes taken like 35 minutes
<darkf> she cant park for shit
<raylu> someone is bad at driving trucks on the internet?
<darkf> yes REALLY bad
<darkf> its like she can't physics
<raylu> oh dear.
<darkf> she looks like some real hippie
<darkf> total art major
<darkf> im raging at my screen
<darkf> i am almost screaming at her
<darkf> this is not that difficult
<darkf> ugh she almost has it
<darkf> shes killing me
<darkf> wow
<darkf> she did it crooked and it still took it
<darkf> terrible
<raylu> can you resume your life now?
<darkf> yeah my life is better now
#1056 from #learnprogramming, freenode, submitted on 10 Jan 2014 by raylu
<darkf> people are occupying me like I'm Wall Street.