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#663 from, submitted on 26 Apr 2011 by raylu
<b00bage2> kakashi7111: if it has an apple logo on it and steve jobs says it good people will buy it
<b00bage2> its*
<ShadeDream> b00bage2: SOME people. Some people recognize a tool for what it does well and use it anyway, regardless of maker or logo.
<Drahken> "Some people recognize a tool " <--yep, steve jobs is quite the tool alright....
#669 from Unknown, submitted on 09 May 2011 by raylu
<Shatnershaman> Eh, could try both and if not rewatch K-On
<raylu> there's so much anime out there
<Shatnershaman> *if not work out
<raylu> why would you rewatch?
<Shatnershaman> Cuz K-on is better than 99.9999999% of them?
<raylu> you haven't watched them :P
<Shatnershaman> I don't need to see Queens Blade to know its shit
<raylu> well, yes, but that's a rather poor example
<Shatnershaman> How
<Shatnershaman> its an anime
<Shatnershaman> its not k-on
<Shatnershaman> I havnt seen it
<Ashix> your comparing breasts with oranges here shatner
#705 from #evil-flowers, submitted on 25 Jul 2011 by raylu
<Yukirina> [Mon 11:03] <@ayne> what does that mean?
<Yukirina> It means if you identify yourself
<Yukirina> You'll become an op
<Yukirina> @
<ayne> what's op?
<hikagee> ayne: you can kick someone ass : )
<Gildoniel> try to click me and say kick
<ayne> you're a M?
#732 from #bakabt, submitted on 25 Sep 2011 by raylu
<XCE> anyone ever glad theyre not black
<XCE> its like 10pm now if I go take a run outside it wouldnt be too much trouble
<XCE> if I was black Id get arrested imo
<LeB_Blood> if i can get the penis id love to be black
<gotenks8> ^
#735 from #bakabt, submitted on 27 Sep 2011 by raylu
<Arc-sama> Jaru is sitting with me
<xce> what does that mean
<Ruri> they're talking like civilized people?
<Smushers> Orgy
<xce> but theres only 2
<Smushers> There's a dog
#770 from #sc2gg (gamesurge), submitted on 16 Dec 2011 by raylu
<Ghastly> Things you don't want to hear from someone you listed as a reference on a resume:
<Ghastly> "Oh yeah, he's the best healer in my clan"
#788 from #sc2gg, gamesurge, submitted on 12 Mar 2012 by raylu
<snap> Also using my phone speech to text is really awesome
<snap> Actually I a c in general on the phone is pretty awesome
<snap> I r t
<tarpman> owned
<snap> Irc chat
<tarpman> better
<snap> Holiday with jack it worked
#790 from #x264, freenode, submitted on 13 Mar 2012 by raylu
<darkstarbyte> No one has a tutorial for x264 multipass?
<Dark_Shikari> 1) encode with --pass 1
<Dark_Shikari> 2) encode with --pass 2
<Dark_Shikari> you're done
#795 from #x264, freenode, submitted on 11 May 2012 by raylu
<Revolution> is there any way to find out if a clip was encoded with x264, without the sei header?
<|50M314U|> ya
<Revolution> how?
<|50M314U|> that's harder question
#801 from #sc2gg, gamesurge, submitted on 29 Jun 2012 by raylu
-!- mib_q5rzbs is now known as jason
<Snap> though, jason and blue speak as one.
-!- mib_kwvyqa is now known as blueRaja
<jason> we
<blueRaja> are
<jason> legion
<blueRaja> we
<jason> do
<blueRaja> not
<jason> forgive
<blueRaja> we
<jason> do
<blueRaja> not
<jason> forget