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#593 from #bakabt, submitted on 22 Feb 2011 by raylu
<LeB_Blood> Domo how can you not fap to hentai
<Domo> Self control
<LeB_Blood> do you fap to anything else
<Domo> I fapped to Suzaku in code geass\
<Domo> I just dont fap to hentai
<Domo> Its too mainstream
<LeB_Blood> i think this convo is over
#615 from #ZI, quakenet, submitted on 07 Mar 2011 by raylu
<Charizard> just bought a $100 shirt that says dry-clean only
<Charizard> challenge accepted
#617 from, submitted on 10 Mar 2011 by raylu
<Solipsism> You and your stupid indecisive 8ball
<raylu> !8s Will Solipsism turn Frosty-nee into a woman?
<Solipsism> raylu's result: I see... a midget with one arm and a peg leg... and he's saying... YES.
<Solipsism> Oh dear
<Frosty-nee> hahaha
<Frosty-nee> oh wait
<Frosty-nee> shi-
* Solipsism does it
* gecko watches in fascination
* raylu waits patiently
* saka videotapes it
* Frosty-nee wakes up after the procedure and starts crying

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<raylu> also, frosty is a woman.

* Kamyu gags Frosty-nee and ties her to a bed, restraining her hands and feet.
<Frosty-nee> mmmmmmm
<Frosty-nee> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<raylu> wow, it hasn't even been 30 minutes
<raylu> and we're already at bondage
* lynx-chan joins Kamyu

<Suru_de_Rin> I really wish I could say that you all are a extra special brand of special, I really do...
<raylu> Suru_de_Rin: we aren't?
<Suru_de_Rin> not for what these eyes have seen, no not for what these eyes can never unsee.
#632 from #tsuntsun, submitted on 01 Apr 2011 by raylu
<Ambrae> When I use them, it feels like... I'm forcing the motor of an old car or something.
<Frostbite> lol
<Frostbite> well us normal people can't afford SSDs
<Ambrae> I'm poor
<Ambrae> I just chose my computer over useless stuff like food.
#641 from #bakabt, submitted on 08 Apr 2011 by raylu
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<idodeisuke> +ratio arisboch
<BBT> [arisboch] Has 847.86 MB (Uploaded) 2.13 GB (Downloaded) and has a Ratio of 0.388 (Seed More or bad things will happen.).
<idodeisuke> !ratio arisboch
<BBT> [arisboch] Has 847.86 MB (Uploaded) 2.13 GB (Downloaded) and has a Ratio of 0.388 (You're still blatently not trying.).
<idodeisuke> Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
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#642 from #bakabt, submitted on 08 Apr 2011 by raylu
* Ipsilon pets OtakuSupreme
<MaGaO> Ipsilon: don't pet OtakuSupreme. You might get coitus performed on you :P
<Ipsilon> I'm vaccinated against rape
#643 from, submitted on 08 Apr 2011 by raylu
<Tweedledee> Frostbite: what on earth are you doing?
<Frostbite> Tweedledee, what do you mean, what am I doing?
<Tweedledee> what are you reformatting, are you using a different irc client, and what about the browser?.... like i said, i'm lost
<Tweedledee> you seem to be doing 5 different things
<Frostbite> Tweedledee, i'm always doing 5 different things
<Tweedledee> fapping while whistling doesnt count as 2
#647 from, submitted on 10 Apr 2011 by raylu
<vermi> Drahken: What do you do for a living?
<Drahken> I'm an fbi agent, I keep notes of everyone here who posts loli pics
<P-G> Federal government's closed, go home.
#660 from, submitted on 19 Apr 2011 by raylu
<Cubey> You have the tsun, and then you have the dere~ And that means you have JarOfFries~
<JarOfFries> I wanted to be yandere, really, but I can't afford an axe
#662 from, submitted on 23 Apr 2011 by raylu
<Frostbite> I still have the largest headache this side of the mississippi though
<Frostbite> it's horrid
[15 minutes later]
<Frostbite> hmm
<Frostbite> hamburger made headache less
* Frostbite goes to eat more meat