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#1063 from #bakabt, submitted on 21 Jan 2014 by raylu
<ALAKTORN> the one about the father being a schoolgirl?
<ALAKTORN> or something
<ALAKTORN> becoming
<SeventyX7> No.
<SeventyX7> It's the one about a 30 yr old guy becoming a loli.
#1066 from Unknown, submitted on 10 Feb 2014 by raylu
<Verkku> Why wasn't I born in the 50's
<troydm> Verkku: u'll be without internetz
<troydm> Verkku: getting bored all da time
<troydm> and den u'll kill yourself
<troydm> so ur born in da right times neechan
<troydm> ur mother is right about it
<troydm> it's time to get waifu
<Verkku> B-but the disco
<troydm> no disco
<troydm> get married biatch
<Verkku> What about Nixon?
#1068 from #ToP, submitted on 13 Feb 2014 by raylu
<Old_mib> how fickle my heart, and how woosy my eyes
<Old_mib> i struggled to find any truth in your lies
* `CloudyOne strikes david down, with the thump of his thighs
* `CloudyOne begins to molest him, ignoring his cries
<Old_mib> nooooooooo
<`CloudyOne> "noooooooo nooooooooo" he'd loudly proclaim
<`CloudyOne> but his overuse of vowels was getting quite lame
<`CloudyOne> there's kids starving in africa, countless in name
<`CloudyOne> and the lack of alphabet soup, he's surely to blame
* `CloudyOne pulls out a cold dew from the fridge