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#223 from #bakabt, submitted on 19 Apr 2010 by raylu
<Dokuro-chan> B_B, dankles, I watched the first part of Triangle Blue
<LeB_Blood> Dokuro-chan oh yeah
<LeB_Blood> rage much?
<Dokuro-chan> At first I was like (  ̄ω ̄ ) and then I was like 〔゚~゚〕 and then I was like キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!, but then I was like ( ¯◡◡¯·)
<Dokuro-chan> It was pretty lol, basically
<Rakka-chan> キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!! <-- wtf is this
<raylu> heh. time to see if chal's qdb can handle unicode properly :D
<Dokuro-chan> Rakka-chan: Basically, "I came"
#224 from #bakabt, submitted on 22 Apr 2010 by raylu
<Rezagrats> The system installs fine...
<Rezagrats> No problem there.
<Rezagrats> Just, when i boot... it fucks up harder than a fat kid riding with no training-wheels for the first time going down a steep hill and there's a cliff on the end.
<raylu> could you be more specific?
#225 from #bakabt, submitted on 22 Apr 2010 by raylu
* Proletar bounces up into Arc-sama's lap
* LeB_Blood sticks a fire cracker up Proletar's and lights it
<Nesc> Proletar's what :P
<LeB_Blood> oh damn i missed a word
<LeB_Blood> ASS
<LeB_Blood> man im sleepy
<Cian8900> don't worry I've been doing it all day
<LeB_Blood> haha Cian8900
<Nesc> hehe
<LeB_Blood> i bet it fels euphoric
<Cian8900> wait, I messed up
<Cian8900> damn... :/
<Nesc> hehe
<LeB_Blood> lol
<LeB_Blood> Cian i thought you said you'd been sticking firecrackers up your ass all day at first
<LeB_Blood> but then i realized you were talking about the words
<Cian8900> glad you can understand my even incomplete sentences B_B
#229 from #ZI, QuakeNet, submitted on 29 Apr 2010 by raylu
<XCetron> im reading an index of screws for cars and stuff
<XCetron> apparently it was colorcoded to eb helpful
<XCetron> but whoever scanned this scanned it in black and white
<XCetron> thx guys
<XCetron> why are these screws $3 each
<XCetron> wtf
<XCetron> thats a lot for a screw
<XCetron> better be made of ceramic titanium
<XCetron> or neotitanium
<micronesia> a screw is usually like 50 bux
<micronesia> or a lot more
<XCetron> what
<XCetron> 1 single screw
<XCetron> $50?
<micronesia> depends on how hot she is
#233 from #bakabt, submitted on 06 May 2010 by raylu
<LeB_Blood> raylu i know i was just messing, silly
<LeB_Blood> i just wanted Force's attention T_T
<raylu> oh, well in that case
<LeB_Blood> he's been neglecting me lately
<raylu> steal the staff whip and apply it to him
<LeB_Blood> there's a staff whip and i didn't know about it?
<godcheese> There is a staff to be whipped!!!
<firepixiedarien> a whip attached to a staff?
<raylu> LeB_Blood:
<raylu> tl;dr: last line
<LeB_Blood> hhaha
<LeB_Blood> so our boy xiong was on a whipping spree?
<raylu> he's always on a whipping spree
<LeB_Blood> sneaky bugger
-!- LeB_Blood was kicked from #bakabt by xiong_chiamiov [*whip*]
#250 from #bakabt, submitted on 13 May 2010 by raylu
-!- raylu[BOT] [~rayluBOT]@f.o.o.r] has joined #bakabt
<raylu> !changelog
<raylu[BOT]> Removed Chiyachan exemptions.
<raylu> :D
<scatmang> dohohohohohohoo
<Chiyachan> I hope you've taught it to ignore me completely....
<raylu> s/.*/lol i'm british/ Chiyachan
<raylu[BOT]> Chiyachan> lol i'm british
<Chiyachan> And to ignore all referances to me..
<Nubmer6> lol
<scatmang> s/.*/I like cock/
<raylu[BOT]> scatmang> I like cock
<scatmang> wat
#260 from #bakabt, submitted on 24 May 2010 by raylu
<FragKrag> this is too amazing
<raylu[BOT]> FragKrag's video: Untan untan untan~! 10 minutes of Yui うんたん!, 10:01
<FragKrag> oops wrong vidoe
#264 from #eth24, submitted on 31 May 2010 by raylu
<newb> hi
<raylu> YOUR MOM
<Xenolithic> My mom is awesome.
<DimeCadmium> my mom is fat.
<DimeCadmium> =]
<Xenolithic> Well, mine too, but she's still awesome.
#267 from #bakabt, submitted on 05 Jun 2010 by raylu
<windex> no i use the MUI to play eroge
<windex> because when you set the UI to japanese eroge think you're on an authentic JP copy of win7
<windex> :P
<Rezagrats> What is 'eroge' (aside from sounding like a pervy game) ?
<windex> it is
<windex> that is what it is
#281 from #/jp/, submitted on 20 Jun 2010 by raylu
<Anonymous-san> emily is a cute name
<Anonymous-san> I knew a girl in 8th grade named emily who started out cute but by the time senior year came around she had turned into a fat whore ;_;
<un_freed> Such is life.
<m9> not an ordinary whore, but a fat whore
<m9> attribute: fat
<un_freed> I was under the impression the attribute tag fat came automatically with whore.
<un_freed> Doesn't the fat attribute modify the word Whore though, not necessarily the weight of the individual?
<Anonymous-san> It could but in this case, Emily actually gained weight
<Sageru> lol.
<un_freed> I see, she was fat and a whore.
<Anonymous-san> yes.
<un_freed> Such is life.