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#287 from #bakabt, submitted on 24 Jun 2010 by raylu
<SimplyDastardly> ahahahahahahaha
<raylu[BOT]> SimplyDastardly's video: Hanamaru Sensation (English Version), 01:46
<SimplyDastardly> you have to watch it
<SimplyDastardly> it's so funny
<Dokuro-chan> I love that song, random person I haven't seen before
<-!- Nesc [~bloodyfin@382347D3.E74258AB.4B56A217.IP] has joined #bakabt
<Dokuro-chan> Wait
<Dokuro-chan> What the fuck
<Dokuro-chan> Goddammit
<Dokuro-chan> Why did I click on this?
<Dokuro-chan> I just saw raylu's titlebot thing
<Dokuro-chan> Jesus fucking christ
<Dokuro-chan> What the fuck am I listening to?
<SimplyDastardly> ahahahahaha
<SimplyDastardly> i know!
<SimplyDastardly> i knooowowowoww
<SimplyDastardly> it's SO funny
<raylu[BOT]> SimplyDastardly's video: THE MOST SUPER KAWAII-EST LUCKY STAR FANDUB EVER., 03:42
<Dokuro-chan> Why do I keep clicking on these things?
<Dokuro-chan> Who's voice is this?
<Nesc> LOL
#289 from #bakabt, submitted on 30 Jun 2010 by raylu
* Kitarity grabs a banana and shits it up ghost25
<ghost25> "shits it up"?
* ghost25 tentacle fucks Kitarity
<ghost25> :P
-!- Kitarity is now known as Kitarity|Female
* Kitarity|Female moans softly
* ghost25 continues
<Kitarity|Female> Wait what?
<Kitarity|Female> One sec scrolling up
<Kitarity|Female> ... tentacle fucks?
<ghost25> :D
<Kitarity|Female> What the fuck is wrong with you
<Kitarity|Female> Do continue as I proceed to cook dinner
#297 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Jul 2010 by raylu
<raylu> Proletar: 404s are always awesome
* Proletar cackles at raylu
<Proletar> Keikaku = success
* Nubmer6 hands raylu a hammer
<raylu> actually, 404s are one of the things hammers can't fix
<raylu> also on the very short list of things hammers don't fix: global warming, world hunger, stupidity
<ss23> raylu: Lies
<ss23> Kill the stupid people
<Nubmer6> Hammers cer..
<ss23> with a hammer
<Nubmer6> yeah
<Nubmer6> exactly
<ss23> Feed them to the hungry people
<ss23> There, now it's down to one raylu
<ss23> :D
#299 from #bakabt, submitted on 20 Jul 2010 by raylu
* Rosetta wonders how you impregnate water
#302 from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Jul 2010 by raylu
<Solipsism> I wasn't looking at the screen and a character said "Akai mizu?" and I was like "Red water! FUCK YEAH"
#303 from #go-nuts, Freenode, submitted on 25 Jul 2010 by raylu
<tensorpudding> Is there a % operator in Go?
<exch> yes, %
#306 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 Aug 2010 by raylu
<Grospoliner> The germans know how to make nice firearms
<Grachev> Grospoliner: Damn right. My dad's using an old WWII Mauser Kar98k for hunting.
<Grospoliner> Quality
<Grospoliner> The only thing I hate is the gas blow back port
<Grospoliner> Er
<Grospoliner> I mean on my gun
#308 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 Aug 2010 by raylu
<raylu> vermi|VN: what VN are you playing?
<vermi|VN> raylu: wank to kurasou
<vermi|VN> err
<vermi|VN> wanko
<vermi|VN> freudian slip
#319 from #bakabt, submitted on 07 Aug 2010 by raylu
<Ollin> Angel Beats doesn't feels like a Key series at all :x
<Ollin> More like, K-On meets Dokuro-chan... really disastrous :P
#322 from #/jp/, submitted on 08 Aug 2010 by raylu
<hardcode> The time has come
<hardcode> to watch some motherfucking K-ON!
<hardcode> 3 episodes loaded back-to-back in mah playlist
<hardcode> Make that 4
<hardcode> Popcorn and cock ready
<hardcode> Here we go!
<hardcode> *coke
<hardcode> fuck
<hardcode> :C