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#111 from #bakabt, submitted on 09 Dec 2009 by raylu
<kureshii> raylu: I sue portable apps
<raylu> oh.
<kureshii> which, thankfully, don't spam up my start menu
<kureshii> *use
<Ipsilon> i also wish i didn't have to open the start menu to search for something
<kingkouta88> HOLY SHIT!
<kingkouta88> THEY SHOW PENIS!
#112 from #bakabt, submitted on 12 Dec 2009 by raylu
<MrNeko> Well, Makoto and Mai, but I like Makoto better :D
<Rakka-chan> I haven't even seen Mai yet
<MrNeko> Mai's story is really cute
<johnnyCbad> You on about those awful J relationship games
<johnnyCbad> where you pick stuff to say?
<MrNeko> They're called visual novels
<johnnyCbad> Right
<johnnyCbad> Because Game really isn't the word
<johnnyCbad> Personally I cut the shit and google XYZ hentai
#114 from #bakabt, submitted on 14 Dec 2009 by raylu
<Dokuro-chan> Yeah, something is wrong with me
<XCetron> what could it be
<XCetron> your moms a cow
<Dokuro-chan> I guess I should put my pants back on, in that case
<DreamTactix291> ...
<Dokuro-chan> I was going to bed
<Dokuro-chan> Get your mind out of the gutter
#117 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Dec 2009 by raylu
<xiong_chiamiov> that was the most exciting drive of my life, so far
<xiong_chiamiov> damn fog gave me about 15 feet of visibility on the highway
<xiong_chiamiov> discuss, in 100 words or less, what you would do if I had died
<raylu> xiong_chiamiov: watch anime
<LeB_Blood> opened a bottle of champagne
<LeB_Blood> and watch anime
<xiong_chiamiov> yeah, I kinda figured
#126 from #linux, submitted on 07 Jan 2010 by raylu
<Zaitcev> You know, when I was 16, I went to obtain a passport and my mom tried to talk me into getting her maiden name, because alegedly there are too many Zaitcevs as is.
<Zaitcev> Many years later the Internet research demonstrated that her clan was doing ok without drastic measures like that.
#131 from #bakabt, submitted on 15 Jan 2010 by raylu
<XCetron> i just realized every confirmed/supposed female in this channel attacked me at one point or another
<XCetron> anime make people crazy
<raylu> you sure it's the anime and not you?
<XCetron> i have yet to be attacked in other channels
<Dokuro-chan> Why do you expect the actions of females to be logical?
<XCetron> its a social contract
<XCetron> i dont randomly punch people in the face
<XCetron> they act logically
<XCetron> although some people are not keeping up their end of the deal
#132 from #bakabt, submitted on 15 Jan 2010 by raylu
<LeB_Blood> why does everyone hate on mirc
<raylu> LeB_Blood: because stupid shit like this happens:
<Fate_Testarossa_Harlaown> okay... raylu what the hell was that for?
<Fate_Testarossa_Harlaown> boobs in mirc... just no
<Fate_Testarossa_Harlaown> I'd rather use irssi than that
<LeB_Blood> :o
* raylu is using irssi in a transparent terminal
<raylu> so i can have boobs in my irssi if i really wanted
<|Cherry-chan|> raylu: why would you put boobs in irssi?.... if you're gonna put boobs in anything, put them in pudding.... or jello.... i mean, really....
<raylu> |Cherry-chan|: boobs in food => dead woman
<|Cherry-chan|> no
<|Cherry-chan|> dip em'
<raylu> i see.
<|Cherry-chan|> it's a weird sensation.... but i like it
<|Cherry-chan|> :P
#133 from #bakabt, submitted on 17 Jan 2010 by raylu
* ArcDaRat pets Proletar
<xiong_chiamiov> why is that always happening when I come in here?
* xiong_chiamiov disapproves
<ArcDaRat> wat?
<xiong_chiamiov> petting
<xiong_chiamiov> purring
<xiong_chiamiov> all that crap
<xiong_chiamiov> I want to see more rape, dammit!
* ArcDaRat points at Proletar ... is kitty
<xiong_chiamiov> that's no excuse
<xiong_chiamiov> cats are rapeable
<ArcDaRat> you miss Duckie raping Poland about an hr ago
<Rakka-chan> ...what's going on
<Rakka-chan> Also, Poland sucks
<Rakka-chan> If I were a scientist I'd invent food that only gave diarrhea to Polish people
* Rakka-chan kills the conversation :D
#137 from #bakabt, submitted on 19 Jan 2010 by raylu
<DreamTactix291> divx4 came first
<DreamTactix291> of the ASP encoders
<Kristen|Lolisleep> Before DivX3?
<Kristen|Lolisleep> And 2?
<Kristen|Lolisleep> And 1?
<Kristen|Lolisleep> O.O
<Mirgond> uh, kristen is sleepwalking again
* Kristen|Lolisleep throws DreamTactix291 out a window
<DreamTactix291> divx3.11 is just MS MPEG-4v3 hacked to fit into avi
<DreamTactix291> there was no divx 1 or 2
<Kristen|Lolisleep> DreamTactix291, my logic is logically!
<Kristen|Lolisleep> You dare to question my logic?
<Kristen|Lolisleep> Then window becomes you!
* Kristen|Lolisleep throws DreamTactix291 out the window again
#143 from #bakabt, submitted on 26 Jan 2010 by raylu
<ChalamiuS> Nagisa = tard
<dankles> ^
<ChalamiuS> Kotomi > Tomoyo > Kyou > Fuko
<ChalamiuS> :3
<Beefymole> wtf
<ChalamiuS> and those > Nagisa.
<Beefymole> your brain is broken
<ChalamiuS> No Beefymole, I just hated Nagisa
<raylu> fuko > nagisa? wtf?
<raylu> i'm no fan of nagisa, but fuko?
* ChalamiuS hits raylu with a starfish
<ChalamiuS> Dozo!
<ChalamiuS> :3