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#308 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 Aug 2010 by raylu
<raylu> vermi|VN: what VN are you playing?
<vermi|VN> raylu: wank to kurasou
<vermi|VN> err
<vermi|VN> wanko
<vermi|VN> freudian slip
#309 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 Aug 2010 by Anonymous
<Dokuro-chan> And suddenly, it was like I was choking on a million dicks
#310 from #bakabt, submitted on 02 Aug 2010 by Solipsism
<theholyduck> i wonder if i just naturally look cooler in black and white
<theholyduck> i just got a new passport
<theholyduck> and i'm looking at this picture
<theholyduck> thats clearly me
<theholyduck> but i also look like a rebel
<theholyduck> or something
<theholyduck> you know, the kind who lives in the mountains and fight russians
#313 from BakaBT, submitted on 04 Aug 2010 by Arc-sama
<Kurses> My sister's female rabbit tried to get our male cat to have sex with it. She'd walk up to him and raise her butt right beside his face while he was just laying there. The cat would look up and just give her that look of "You... *have* to be joking"
#317 from #bakabt, submitted on 06 Aug 2010 by Anonymous
19:44 * vermi rubs rice on Kitarity.
19:44 < Kitarity> You require more rice
#318 from #bakabt, submitted on 07 Aug 2010 by Solipsism
<Solipsism> I eat sunflower seed shells =/
<Solipsism> And I bleed out my ass if I eat too many
<LeB_Blood> tmi
<Solipsism> Because that shit is painful
<Solipsism> No pun intended
#319 from #bakabt, submitted on 07 Aug 2010 by raylu
<Ollin> Angel Beats doesn't feels like a Key series at all :x
<Ollin> More like, K-On meets Dokuro-chan... really disastrous :P
#320 from BakaBT, submitted on 08 Aug 2010 by Arc-sama
<Nubmer6|Hamptons> Hmm... I should dress up in drag.
<Nubmer6|Hamptons> I already have the long hair
<Nubmer6|Hamptons> It's just that I'm 6'4" and 250 pounds. I would look terrifying
#324 from #bakabt, submitted on 15 Aug 2010 by Solipsism
<Rezagrats> Vermi is on his period this time around.
<Solipsism> vermi doesn't menstruate, he's a manly man
<Solipsism> Besides, I menstruate enough for both of us
* vermi nods.
#328 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Aug 2010 by WGGoat
01:36 < vermi> Well, I could become friends with lines
01:36 < vermi> But conversations with them are horrible
01:36 < vermi> They go on forever
01:36 < vermi> c_c;
01:36 < LC2010> i lold