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#414 from #bakabt, submitted on 05 Nov 2010 by vermi
< chibineko> I've had a few... "changes" when you were gone xD
< vermi> chibineko: finally got your wangus removed?
< Rosetta> so you finally had the surgery?
< vermi> ha
< LeB_Blood> ye
< TCLe-Purdue> You hit puberty?
<+ChalamiuS> He now has cancer :(
< LeB_Blood> he's not black anymore
< vuzedome> well about time
#418 from #bakabt, submitted on 13 Nov 2010 by ChalamiuS
<LeB_Blood> Chalamius is showing his true colors
<LeB_Blood> and they appear to be green on my side
<chibineko> LeB is grey
<LeB_Blood> i am???
<+ChalamiuS> You spelled gay wrong
<chibineko> >_>
#432 from #bakabt-sekret-place, submitted on 07 Dec 2010 by Anonymous
* | Chiyachan shoves something up his bum bum hole.
#437 from #bakabt, submitted on 10 Dec 2010 by vermi
<Grospoliner> Used sextoys?
<Mikawo> im sure theyve been properly sterilized
<Grospoliner> in the tears of strippers
#439 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 10 Dec 2010 by ChalamiuS
< Xemnarth> Question: why cann't a user delete his/her own comment on torrents?
<@xiong_chiamiov> just to frustrate you
#441 from #bakabt, submitted on 10 Dec 2010 by vermi
<Vanscot> Translation for 99% of the text on 99.9% of the eroge stuff: harder, onii-chan!
<Vanscot> The other 1% is "I came!"
#468 from #bakabt, submitted on 19 Dec 2010 by Frostbite
<RueK> does handbrake comes in an installer?
<theholyduck> RAEEEG
<theholyduck> cant you navigate the damn website by yourself?
<theholyduck> if you click on fucking download
<theholyduck> and fucking the os you want
<theholyduck> the windows and osx versions includei nstallers
<theholyduck> theres even fucking links
<theholyduck> how stupid can you be!!!!!!!
* Quits: theholyduck ( (Quit: Leaving)
<KoshNaranek> now.. that's a nice ragequit
#469 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 19 Dec 2010 by Enzedder
<Enzie> I wonder if they will question me if I add, 'Staff of an illegal bittorrenting site', on my resume while I am here. :P
<Arc-sama> uh ... dunno
<Enzie> Probably shouldn't.
<Duki> We're not illegal :x
<Duki> We're just shady
#482 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 25 Dec 2010 by Southrop
<LoN> guys, how long is the freeleech period going to last?
<Duki> A few more minutes
<LoN> how many?
<newy> It started today and ends yesterday
<LoN> damn
<LoN> thanks
<LoN> off to leech
#495 from #bakabt, submitted on 30 Dec 2010 by SailorMewJosh
<Proletar> I'd say it to the loli, that's for sure~
<Proletar> And Nubmer6, nothing says "I love you" as well as a viciously designed and malevolent trap set only for a special person
* Proletar nodnods
<Nubmer6> ...