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#292 from BakaBT Sekrit Staff Hideout, submitted on 03 Jul 2010 by Southrop
<@Southrop> germany is totally trashing argentina~
<&Force> lol
<@Southrop> that's how it should be~
<%newy> Idd
<&Force> dont say that to soon
<&Force> ;p
<%newy> Would you shut up D: you're already in the semifinals
<@Southrop> lol
<&Force> im for germany anyway butfuck ;p
<%newy> Southrop is the buttfucked :D
<@Southrop> OH U, NEWY D:
<@Southrop> I GET JOKES
<%newy> xD
#296 from #bakabt, submitted on 08 Jul 2010 by IX
<Dokuro|Work> I thought B_B's name was Joey
<LeB_Blood> actually my name is joseph
<LeB_Blood> but i only go by joey
<IX> I wanna call you spaghetti.
<LeB_Blood> shut up ben 10
<LeB_Blood> get back to ur transformations
<IX> give me new alien forms
<XCE> mexico is right there
<XCE> IX can now transform into minimumwage form
#297 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Jul 2010 by raylu
<raylu> Proletar: 404s are always awesome
* Proletar cackles at raylu
<Proletar> Keikaku = success
* Nubmer6 hands raylu a hammer
<raylu> actually, 404s are one of the things hammers can't fix
<raylu> also on the very short list of things hammers don't fix: global warming, world hunger, stupidity
<ss23> raylu: Lies
<ss23> Kill the stupid people
<Nubmer6> Hammers cer..
<ss23> with a hammer
<Nubmer6> yeah
<Nubmer6> exactly
<ss23> Feed them to the hungry people
<ss23> There, now it's down to one raylu
<ss23> :D
#298 from #bakabt, submitted on 17 Jul 2010 by ChalamiuS
<+Kotomi> thing is, pt is a bit far away from .se :3
<Arkangel> Thing is, my dong is pretty long :3
<Tearlach> oooh, time to get the saw and get me a new dildo then
<Arkangel> Stop imagining my penis you pervs
<Tearlach> pics or I won't stop
<+Kotomi> Arkangel, you've managed to get Tearlach's attention
<+Kotomi> Poor you :T
<Tearlach> man, I bet that fucker is good looking enough to mount on the wall
<Tearlach> wonder how much a conservator costs
#299 from #bakabt, submitted on 20 Jul 2010 by raylu
* Rosetta wonders how you impregnate water
#302 from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Jul 2010 by raylu
<Solipsism> I wasn't looking at the screen and a character said "Akai mizu?" and I was like "Red water! FUCK YEAH"
#304 from BakaBT, submitted on 30 Jul 2010 by Arc-sama
<Chiyachan> Just for the record.
<Chiyachan> When Force and I get together on TF2.

<ss23> You have sex.

<Chiyachan> It's generally a rape for the other team...

<ss23> I was close
<ss23> :D
#305 from BakaBT, submitted on 30 Jul 2010 by Arc-sama
* Rezagrats must fap but can't

<Arc-sama> go pee

<Rezagrats> Wut?

<Rezagrats> I don't have to pee.
<Rezagrats> I wanna sex my co-worker. ;_;

* Arc-sama facepalms
#306 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 Aug 2010 by raylu
<Grospoliner> The germans know how to make nice firearms
<Grachev> Grospoliner: Damn right. My dad's using an old WWII Mauser Kar98k for hunting.
<Grospoliner> Quality
<Grospoliner> The only thing I hate is the gas blow back port
<Grospoliner> Er
<Grospoliner> I mean on my gun
#307 from BakaBT, submitted on 01 Aug 2010 by Arc-sama
<Dokuro-chan> Nadeshiko is being... strange. "You started this with your gluttony, so now you need to fix it with your penis"
<Dokuro-chan> That is not a direct quote

<vermi|VN> Dokuro-chan: yeah, it's weird isn't it? She's such a dog-fucker.

<aelfwyne> Dokuro-chan: I don't remember that part.

* theholyduck feels left out on the dogfucking