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#806 from #bakabt, submitted on 18 Aug 2012 by southrop
<Aiox> Asuna
<@Southrop> With 2 years of glop, right?
#845 from #bakabt, submitted on 04 Dec 2012 by kureshii
<donce151> <link to crappy browser MMO> or <link to crappy browser MMO> - Free MMOG browser game!!!!!!!!!!!
*** Jarudin sets a ban on *!*cgiirc@*
*** donce151 has been kicked from the channel by Jarudin (bye).
*** Jarudin sets a ban on *!*addddd@*
*** GnolTac has been kicked from the channel by Jarudin (bye).
<troydm> loool
<najitari> rofl
<YourLittleSister> :D
<Jarudin> oh shit
<Jarudin> :P
#890 from #bakabt, submitted on 14 May 2013 by raylu
<Derelicte> i didnt use a reader in particular. it was off a website. but this was a year or two ago, so i dont remember the specifics
<SeventyX7> Online readers fucking suck.
<SeventyX7> Get mangameeya.
<Derelicte> SeventyX7, you're trying to send me down a dark road, huh?
<SeventyX7> A wonderful dark road.
<SeventyX7> Full of magic.
<SeventyX7> And horse sex.
#892 from #bakabt, submitted on 13 Jun 2013 by GrygrFlzr
* CarlGel will attempt to use windows voice recognition.
<CarlGel> I walk Et (So hi, BakaBT!)
<CarlGel> Or to eat at (Windows voice recognition is pretty bad)
<CarlGel> Our old sheet are on she are and she agreed to our old sheet or on she orange you are or should you are and she orange he agree you or I you orange you are sure you are a R du you orange you are sure or a Torretta or Orrick sure
<CarlGel> ...
<CarlGel> I give p
* CarlGel tableflips and gives up on it.
#896 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Jul 2013 by GrygrFlzr
<v^> don't click or read anything Reza posts
<GrygrFlzr> lel
<v^> if you know what's good for you.
<v^> I'm not even joking.
<GrygrFlzr> v^: I'm aware ._.
<GrygrFlzr> wait
<GrygrFlzr> WAIT
<GrygrFlzr> SEVERANCE?!??!?!?
<v^> what
* v^ is now known as severance
<severance> GrygrFlzr you called
<GrygrFlzr> Welcome back =_=
<severance> thanks ^_^
#902 from bakabt, submitted on 27 Jul 2013 by kureshii
<@Motoko11> kureshii: Every time you say AV I always immediately think of Japanese AV, xD It's not even funny. xD
#1011 from #BakaBT-Support, submitted on 28 Oct 2013 by Motoko11
<owbert> Anyone online?
<Moto-chan> Loads of people
<Moto-chan> Do you require some help?
<owbert> Ah, I kind of found the answer through Google, I think. My uTorrent is stuck on "finding peers" and I believe the reason is because the latest version is not white-listed by Bakabt yet.
<Moto-chan> ;P
<Moto-chan> You got it, ^_^
<owbert> <3
<Southrop> It moves me that there exist people who can use Google
<Southrop> brb weeping tears of happiness
<owbert> On an unrelated topic: Love Bakabt and thank you, y'all
<Southrop> Thanks and you're most welcome!
<Moto-chan> owbert: Teach your peers, spread the word of google, :P
<owbert> haha
<Moto-chan> Anyway owbert, if you require no help, please /part this channel. It was a pleasure assisiting you, ;D
<owbert> Sounds good. Have a good day
<Moto-chan> You too o/
#1016 from #bakabt, submitted on 09 Nov 2013 by Southrop
<Ipsilon> At the university level, if anyone would have required me to use some kind of MS shit, I would have had a word with them.
<Ipsilon> Thankfully it never happened.
<Oreki> Would you have had a Microsoft Word with them? ;)
#1024 from #BakaBT, submitted on 25 Nov 2013 by Motoko11
<Nodame-chan> i'm coming Rob~~
<Nodame-chan> oh that was reflex xD
<Moto-chan> O.O
<Nodame-chan> i meant to say
<Nodame-chan> i'm coming Moto~~
<Moto-chan> Quote Database time...
#1042 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 07 Dec 2013 by Southrop
* lemonkey1988 (qwebirc@[redacted]) has joined #bakabt-support
<lemonkey1988> *Waves as I come in*
* Duki3003 has quit (*.net *.split)
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<lemonkey1988> Everyone left o.o