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#80 from #bakabt, submitted on 31 Oct 2009 by Wintereise
[3:22:32am] * @Chiyachan puts on Josh's skirt and opens his arms.
[3:22:41am] * amirite hugs chiyachan.
#82 from #bakabt, submitted on 03 Nov 2009 by raylu
<TCLe> Hehehehe
<TCLe> I just went to Walmart and bought 15 dollars of candy.
<TCLe> And 2 dollars worth of Toothpaste.
<xorl`> LOL
<raylu> i don't think it cancels out
<TCLe> Sure it does.
<TCLe> When you run out of Toothpaste.
<TCLe> Which...
<TCLe> I've been out of for the past 2 weeks.
<TCLe> I've been surviving on old tubes.
<TCLe> Used up the last squeeze this morning on some Crest Cinnamon toothpaste.
<Kristen> TCLe, when you squeeze it just right, creamy white stuff comes out?
<TCLe> Actually, it was red.
<Kristen> O.O
<TCLe> And my Aquafresh has multicolors.
<xorl`> lol
* Kristen rushes TCLe to a doctor
#83 from #bakabt, submitted on 03 Nov 2009 by Ookamisama
<~Malus> someone say the word faggot
<+whyface> if you're just testing, why not use a less offensive word? like... 'creampuff' or something
<+godcheese|farcry2> because... making people say faggot amuses him?
<~Malus> changed it to buttsecks
<~Malus> >_>
<~Malus> hf with that one
#84 from #bakabt, submitted on 03 Nov 2009 by raylu
<ree_> so is everyone here so intellgient because of school
<raylu> ree_: no, watching anime makes us smart
<IX`> ^
<IX`> I learned everything I needed to from FLCL.
#85 from #bakabt, submitted on 05 Nov 2009 by raylu
<MrNeko> SaiKano is so sad
<LeB_Blood> sad, but over emotional
<MrNeko> It strikes the right cords without being too over dramatic
<digiwombat> SaiKano is a blubbery vagina of boring.
<digiwombat> :D
<MrNeko> You just don't get it -_-
<digiwombat> Nice rationalization of a our difference of opinion.
#86 from #bakabt, submitted on 05 Nov 2009 by raylu
<LeB_Blood> he was also rickrolling people
<LeB_Blood> grow up chiya
<LeB_Blood> god
<Chiyachan> LeB_Blood - You think I do anything without getting permission first?
* Chiyachan is a good boy.
<GMH> <LeB_Blood> he was also rickrolling people
<GMH> they weren't strangers to his intentions, though
<GMH> they knew the rules, and so did he
#91 from #bakabt, submitted on 09 Nov 2009 by Mirgond
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> no one lives in Utah
<IX`> People don't live in Utah. You can't call that living.
<IX`> Ugh
<To_Aru_Shiroi_Neko> even their senators live elsewhere
<Nesc> LOL
<IX`> I'm going to blow my fucking head off.
<IX`> I can't believe I said the same thing as him.
<IX`> Yea, it's all over.
* IX` has quit (Quit: Suiciding)
#96 from #bakabt, submitted on 18 Nov 2009 by raylu
<Moggy-kun> Salutations.
<Chiyachan> NO U
<Moggy-kun> UR MOM!
<Chiyachan> What's wrong with me saying salutations to you?
<Chiyachan> What's my mother got to do with it?
<Moggy-kun> Salutations to her as well.
#99 from #bakabt, submitted on 24 Nov 2009 by raylu
<TCLe> So CSS is coop?
<Vanscot> Counter Strike Source?
<Kotomi> No, CSS is Cascading Style Sheets
* TCLe bitch slaps you.
<Kotomi> <_<
<Kotomi> Stop using CSS to say counter-strike
<raylu> and please, CS:S when talking about the game
<Kotomi> It's wrong.
<Kotomi> Exactly raylu
<Kotomi> >_<
<kureshii> CSS is coop, if you do it via Google Wave/pastebin :3
#100 from #bakabt, submitted on 26 Nov 2009 by raylu
<XCetron> so is anyone getting anything?
<LeB_Blood> I almost got a hold of an X-box, but an angry black woman appeared out of nowhere and grunted
<LeB_Blood> so i scurried