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#732 from #bakabt, submitted on 25 Sep 2011 by raylu
<XCE> anyone ever glad theyre not black
<XCE> its like 10pm now if I go take a run outside it wouldnt be too much trouble
<XCE> if I was black Id get arrested imo
<LeB_Blood> if i can get the penis id love to be black
<gotenks8> ^
#733 from #bakabt, submitted on 25 Sep 2011 by kureshii
* ss23 shakes Xemnarth
< ss23> ;_;
< Xemnarth> my daughter?
#735 from #bakabt, submitted on 27 Sep 2011 by raylu
<Arc-sama> Jaru is sitting with me
<xce> what does that mean
<Ruri> they're talking like civilized people?
<Smushers> Orgy
<xce> but theres only 2
<Smushers> There's a dog
#741 from #bakabt, submitted on 06 Oct 2011 by Arc-sama
<[54-71]> I'm from Moominland
<Vanscot> Mommiland?
<Efreak> irrelevant
<Arc-sama> I think it's Finland
<Efreak> Vanscot: its called your mom's vagina
<[54-71]> We all came out one :P
<Vanscot> I was thinking something more related to milfland.
#749 from #bakabt, submitted on 13 Oct 2011 by Rezagrats
< Soviet> see
< Soviet> I can have the biggest fucking boner ever
< Soviet> and I don't have to hide it cause no one can see it
#775 from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Dec 2011 by f00b4r & ChalamiuS
<frigo> First medal for Top Fighter in Erep 01:30 time http://<link to erepublik goes here>
* BakaBT sets ban on *!*@21AA3E79.5C43BAFA.A5983543.IP
* BakaBT has kicked frigo from #bakabt (Watch your language!)
<f00b4r> err
<f00b4r> how did that instakickban work?
<aeterna> (erepublik, f00b4r)
* BakaBT sets ban on *!*
* BakaBT has kicked aeterna from #bakabt (Watch your language!)
<f00b4r> rofl
<kureshii> oh BBT did something :|
<severance> lolol
<f00b4r> this day will be remembered
<severance> this is gold
<severance> xD
<Nubmer6> LOL
<f00b4r> PWN'D


<Nubmer6> What about the other guy that got banned?
<+ChalamiuS> Nubmer6: he actually linked to erepublik. He deserves to burn in hell
* BakaBT sets ban on *!*@miu.S
* You have been kicked from #bakabt by BakaBT (Watch your language!)
<Nubmer6> LOL!!!!
<aeterna> Hmph
<f00b4r> ROFL
<f00b4r> that's too good to be true
<Nubmer6> now *THAT* goes in the quote database :)
#792 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 Apr 2012 by Southrop
<RARELY_UPSET> hmm…tomorrow is april fools day for my local time…and I will be on a plane most of the time
<RARELY_UPSET> whatever could I do on a plane for a prank >_>
<xce> play CS with full volume
<Areguzanda> RARELY_UPSET: IT'S A BOMB!!!
#794 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 May 2012 by chalamius
<xce> myth olo gy
<xce> that looks like a penis in the middle
<shirase> Leave #bakabt to its own means
<shirase> And it tends to penises in five minutes
<+ChalamiuS> shirase: #bakabt swings back and forth between topics of different types quite often
<shirase> Penis is its pivotal point, ChalamiuS
<shirase> It swings back and forth, each time corssing penis
<+ChalamiuS> shirase: we'll be having a technology related discussion in a couple of hours then
<shirase> LOL
<shirase> You can tell by the direction of "debate" as it goes throug the penis point, ChalamiuS ;)
<+ChalamiuS> shirase: anyone that has been here for long enough should be able to
<shirase> Don't be modest
<shirase> You give some damn good penis wind readings
#797 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 20 Jun 2012 by Enzedder
<Reesebiz> I'm done posting comments on torrents about broken stuff, they never fix it >_>
<AraAraEn> Hahaha.
<AraAraEn> Reesy is hitting the wall!
<AraAraEn> Its ok Reesy. We all hit that wall once.
<AraAraEn> Just jump on over it and back on the horsey.
<Reesebiz> Haha yea
<Reesebiz> But where did you get a horse from? O_o
<AraAraEn> Southrop.
<Southrop> ?
<AraAraEn> He got down on all fours.
<AraAraEn> :3
<Southrop> :<
<AraAraEn> And I rode him into the sunset.
<Sashamaru> :O
<Reesebiz> ヽ(´ー`)ノ
<Wintereise> ó_Ò
#805 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Aug 2012 by southrop
<ss23> ANo|NTeD!
<ss23> <3
<ANo|NTeD> shoo
<ss23> uguu
<ss23> ANo|NTeD: You might as well call me a Barnacle
<ss23> Cause I'm going to stick to you forever <3
<ANo|NTeD> sorry i dont like sticks
<ss23> Thats okay
<ss23> I'm a barnacle
<ss23> :D