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#656 from BakaBT Sekrit Hideout, submitted on 13 Apr 2011 by Enzedder
<BBT> [SERVER NOTICE] ( MySQL Backup Started..
<Enzedder> DAM YOU BBT!
* Enzedder clicks back and waits for BBT to finish so he can click post again.
<BBT> [SERVER NOTICE] ( MySQL Backup finished. Runtime:[9258 sec] Enzedder >.>
<Enzedder> Oh wow. That was fast.
<Enzedder> Or are you playing silly buggers?
<BBT> I would never pull something like that Enzedder
<BBT> For I am BBT
<Enzedder> >_>
<Enzedder> You always pull silly buggers. Its like a given that you are going to troll us at some point.
<BBT> [SERVER NOTICE] ( MySQL Backup finished. Runtime:[399 sec]
<BBT> <.<
<Enzedder> ...
<Enzedder> Do I slap you now or you want it later?
<BBT> ;_;
<BBT> Hidoi
#668 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 08 May 2011 by Enzedder
BrownMasterV has joined #bakabt-support
<BrownMasterV> Anyone know how I can remove hentai results from my RSS feed?
<BrownMasterV> BBT's, that is.
<Duki> Cover your eyes?
#688 from #bakabt, submitted on 21 Jun 2011 by f00b4r
<ChalamiuS> Chiyachan, 15 is legal here
<f00b4r> I'm not touching anything under 20, for it's boring
<ChalamiuS> but that's too young
<ss23> 15 isn't too young :<
<f00b4r> ss23: 15-y-o girls don't know shit about sex. It's like driving a convertible under the rain.
<ss23> f00b4r: Incredibly fun?
<ChalamiuS> "<ss23> f00b4r: Incredibly fun?" <-- Or just very very wet
#690 from #bakabt, submitted on 22 Jun 2011 by f00b4r
<Iron_wofle> Don't eat nuts shortly after pulling teeth.
<f00b4r> Iron_wofle: don't eat your nuts.
<Iron_wofle> Nuts get stuck in the hole
<Cuan> Whatever nuts you are talking about, this sounds unpleasant.
<Iron_wofle> It is.
<LeB_Blood> sounds like something i want to be on top of
#708 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 02 Aug 2011 by Chiya
* KochaNK (cgiirc@8741B8E6.8B70C903.AF1FAC0.IP) has joined #bakabt-support
<KochaNK> hi
<KochaNK> someone explain me,what is the purpose of chanel
<@Chiyachan> Which channel?
<KochaNK> its my first time here
<+ChalamiuS> KochaNK, to help people with account issues
<@Chiyachan> ChalamiuS - He might want #bakabt.
<KochaNK> i am banned
<+ChalamiuS> Chiyachan, I suspect so, too
<@Chiyachan> Ah, there we go.
<+ChalamiuS> Oh! We were wrong!
<KochaNK> and i need help
<@Chiyachan> Username?
<KochaNK> misja nk
<@Chiyachan> Link to account?
<KochaNK> would you help me to bring back my account,please
<KochaNK> wait a sec
<@Jecht> you are joking, right?
<KochaNK> why,i don understand?
<@Jecht> this is a support channel for BakaBT, an anime community.
<@Jecht> you and erepublik can /part this channel immediately if you have no business with BakaBT.
<KochaNK> ok sorry
<KochaNK> :/
* KochaNK (cgiirc@8741B8E6.8B70C903.AF1FAC0.IP) has left #bakabt-support
#713 from #bakabt, submitted on 10 Aug 2011 by Rezagrats
< theholyduck> i always get everything confused
< theholyduck> my brain, its full of derp
#714 from #bakabt, submitted on 11 Aug 2011 by Frostbite
<Frostbite> I lol'd when Gosick made the "black people are invisible at night" joke
<BrownMasterV> Frostbite: that shit was priceless
<BrownMasterV> i honestly thought it was a metaphor or something
<BrownMasterV> and then suddenly racism
#716 from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Aug 2011 by ChalamiuS
<ss23> Actually,I was at a friends house once
<ss23> (We're all nerds)
<ss23> And I say there with a box of his tissues and made myself sneeze over and over for like an hour
<ss23> IT was amazing
<+ChalamiuS> o_o
<ss23> ...
<ss23> I really like sneezing
<BlazakingBT> ...
<ss23> ;_;
<BlazakingBT> That *isn't* normal you know.
#725 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 08 Sep 2011 by Southrop
<@Chiyachan> Damnit guys.
<@Chiyachan> You're all too nice to the freaks.
<@Chiyachan> Next time.
<@Chiyachan> "NO!"
<@Chiyachan> .kb
* BakaBT sets mode: +b *!*
* This *!* ban affects: @Chiyachan
* Chiyachan was kicked by BakaBT (Requested)
<@Southrop> lol
<@Sashamaru> xD
* Southrop sets mode: -b *!*
* Chiyachan ( has joined #bakabt-support
* BakaBT sets mode: +o Chiyachan
<@Chiyachan> This gets mentioned to NOONE.
#729 from #bakabt, submitted on 15 Sep 2011 by ss23
<+specing_sothis> im grateful for my parents exposing us