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#104 from #bakabt, submitted on 28 Nov 2009 by raylu
<Taisen> how is that a bad username
<Rakka-chan> How is it a good one?
<Taisen> The worst one I've seen to date is some guy named Rakka-chan
<Rakka-chan> >:V
<curriegrad2004> probably he picked it because it was random
<Rakka-chan> what, he had a dice of shitty nicknamed and he rolled it?
<curriegrad2004> probably
<Rakka-chan> "phew, glad it didn't come up Taisen this time at least."
#107 from BakaBT Sekrit Hideout, submitted on 03 Dec 2009 by Southrop
* Now talking in BakaBT Sekrit Hideout
* Rizon sets mode: +o Southrop
* @xiong_chiamiov attacks southrop with a dull knife
* @Arveene attacks Southrop with a sharp knife.
<@Arveene> It's really Northrop!
<@xiong_chiamiov> what about east and westrop?
<@Southrop> oh hai
<@xiong_chiamiov> you must have some crappy nerves, to not feel anything for that long
<@Southrop> oh, but I'm Northrop, so Arveene didn't attack me
<@Southrop> Wait... what am I saying?
<@Southrop> I mean
<@Southrop> "ARGHHHHH!"
* @Southrop pretends to die
<@Arveene> XD
#110 from #bakabt, submitted on 09 Dec 2009 by raylu
<LeB_Blood> <XCetron> hence the name--> what he said
<XCetron> LebaneseBy_Blood
<XCetron> you can be a progamer
<XCetron> By_Blood
<XCetron> sick name
<XCetron> or was it by.blood
<XCetron> same clan as
-!- Trunkz [~nnscript@B8F2937A.D612266E.91BE0D57.IP] has joined #bakabt
<LeB_Blood> or Bi-Blood?
<LeB_Blood> In case i decide to swing both ways
<Trunkz> ..'scuse me
#111 from #bakabt, submitted on 09 Dec 2009 by raylu
<kureshii> raylu: I sue portable apps
<raylu> oh.
<kureshii> which, thankfully, don't spam up my start menu
<kureshii> *use
<Ipsilon> i also wish i didn't have to open the start menu to search for something
<kingkouta88> HOLY SHIT!
<kingkouta88> THEY SHOW PENIS!
#112 from #bakabt, submitted on 12 Dec 2009 by raylu
<MrNeko> Well, Makoto and Mai, but I like Makoto better :D
<Rakka-chan> I haven't even seen Mai yet
<MrNeko> Mai's story is really cute
<johnnyCbad> You on about those awful J relationship games
<johnnyCbad> where you pick stuff to say?
<MrNeko> They're called visual novels
<johnnyCbad> Right
<johnnyCbad> Because Game really isn't the word
<johnnyCbad> Personally I cut the shit and google XYZ hentai
#113 from #bakabt, submitted on 13 Dec 2009 by ChalamiuS
<Nacho> ff12 is almost too easy
<XCetron> kinda like your gf amirite
<GMH> kinda like your mom amirite
<Nacho> absolutely right
<XCetron> my mom is pretty hard
<XCetron> end-game boss
<GMH> dude hwen i was a kid i thought of an rpg with my high school english teacher as one of the end bosses

<XCetron> did you have friends in hs
<GMH> lol of course i did
<GMH> what do you think i am, an anime fan with no life?
<GMH> oh wait
#114 from #bakabt, submitted on 14 Dec 2009 by raylu
<Dokuro-chan> Yeah, something is wrong with me
<XCetron> what could it be
<XCetron> your moms a cow
<Dokuro-chan> I guess I should put my pants back on, in that case
<DreamTactix291> ...
<Dokuro-chan> I was going to bed
<Dokuro-chan> Get your mind out of the gutter
#116 from #bakabt, submitted on 15 Dec 2009 by LeB_Blood
<Tootoot222> !ratio lolicon
<%BBT> [Lolicon] Has 921.06 GB (Uploaded) 28.49 GB (Downloaded) and has a Ratio of 32.326 (This is a great ratio!).
<LeB_Blood> lol
<LeB_Blood> whaddya know
<LeB_Blood> the lolicon has a great ratio
<+ChalamiuS> well duh, you need to keep it up to be able to download more
#117 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Dec 2009 by raylu
<xiong_chiamiov> that was the most exciting drive of my life, so far
<xiong_chiamiov> damn fog gave me about 15 feet of visibility on the highway
<xiong_chiamiov> discuss, in 100 words or less, what you would do if I had died
<raylu> xiong_chiamiov: watch anime
<LeB_Blood> opened a bottle of champagne
<LeB_Blood> and watch anime
<xiong_chiamiov> yeah, I kinda figured
#127 from #bakabt, submitted on 11 Jan 2010 by GMH
<GMH> !ratio dracula
<BBT> [dracula] Has 26.22 GB (Uploaded) 153.48 GB (Downloaded) and has a Ratio of 0.171 (A total leecher. >_>).