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#149 from #ahk, submitted on 29 Jan 2010 by ChalamiuS
<tidbit> skunk tiem?
<+Titan> I don't do drugs
<tidbit> lol
<+Titan> drugs do me :(
#150 from #linux, submitted on 29 Jan 2010 by raylu
<jjcm> I once killed three men with nothing but a fishook, a can of clams suspended in oil, and an old "Elle" magazine.
<Xires> can anyone recommend some sane defaults for 'nofiles' in limits.conf?
<jjcm> No, but I can recommend some excellent glues.
<jjcm> JB Weld is one of my personal favorites
<jjcm> it's a two-stage glue (which is generally the best type)
<jjcm> So you'll have to mix the epoxy with the hardener.
<jjcm> It has metal bits in it too, which makes it slightly less brittle
<jjcm> All around good bonding.
<jjcm> Can't go wrong
<jjcm> Guerilla glue is actually pretty decnent too
<jjcm> It's a foaming glue - that is it expands in the cracks you put it in
* Xires makes note of this information for later reference
<jjcm> It's great cause the pressure helps for a tight seal, but you may need to trim excess glue in finer operations.
<jjcm> Hope that helps.
<jjcm> Oh, and stay away from superglue - it's not really that good
<jjcm> Xires: Anything else we can help you with?
<Xires> the original query
<jjcm> Don't be ridiculous.
#157 from Unknown, submitted on 06 Feb 2010 by Anonymous
<Falgern> !9ball Do you prefer cocks over cake?
<Chirno> Falgern: It is certain.
<Wintereise> O_O
<Wintereise> well, she is a girl...
* Falgern grabs Chirno and runs to his room
<Falgern> Imma going to watch some animu.
<Falgern> So, wont answer on anything in 30 min.
#161 from #sc2gg, gamesurge, submitted on 11 Feb 2010 by raylu
<protoss_111> wanna watch a nerd massacre?
<protoss_111> throw a beta key in front of a nerdy crowd
<Ceridan> lol ill be one of those nerds
<protoss_111> ill bring a gun and a black guy
<Ceridan> he'll turn on u
<protoss_111> thats what the gun is for
<Ceridan> oooh
#165 from Unknown, submitted on 15 Feb 2010 by ins3
TreeAnt: random thought: I've never once been caught with porn, never had a stash found, never been found looking at anything porn.... I'm a fucking ninja
Cocky: i have, i have, and i have
Cocky: But then duh, it's me. Everything embarassing happens to me
Cocky: hey pichs
pichapiegal: wut?
Cocky: did i ever tell you the time i kissed a girl at this karaoke party thing
Cocky: my mum was there
pichapiegal: no
Cocky: drinking, which she never does
Cocky: k
Cocky: well
Cocky: me and this girl go outside
Cocky: im like 1
Cocky: 5
Cocky: and a goth lol
Cocky: and we start kissing
Cocky: my mum comes out at that exact moment
Cocky: and says
Cocky: very loudly
Cocky: so that everyone hears
Cocky: "oh it's ok, he';s just practicing"
pichapiegal: no wonder you turned gay
Cocky: inorite
#168 from #myanimelist, submitted on 15 Feb 2010 by raylu
<slippy> i tried making a new account, and the site still says the username doesnt exist lol
<marduk> you gotta slip xinil $50 for a new account
<marduk> or a blowjob
<slippy> he's gay?!
<slippy> shocker
<marduk> well
<marduk> if you put a paper bag over your head, it's technically not "gay"
<marduk> because we are all good at imagining our right hands are cute idols
#171 from #firesidechat, submitted on 21 Feb 2010 by ins3
MrVacBob: anyway shannon is totally beatrice
MrVacBob: so it would be unreasonable if more things than that were true
mahsah: Clearly Erika is Beatrice.
Toboggan: i bet your own of those jessica=beato people
NH4NO3: Beato is Beatrice.
#173 from #ahk, submitted on 23 Feb 2010 by trik
infoG: Titan: i didn't realize how many scripts i've posted. i wonder how many little additions i've made to other threads that contain my scripts too
Titan: I could check if you want
trik: I am sure he knows.
trik: Lmao
Titan: 61 little additions
infoG: wtf how do you do that
#175 from #bakabt, submitted on 25 Feb 2010 by raylu
<Crimson13> speaking of ugly, i saw the ugliest baby at the grocery store last weekend
<Crimson13> i know you're not supposed to tell people their baby looks like an overfed monkey, but ugh
<raylu> Crimson13: did you actually say that?
<Crimson13> :-/
<raylu> is that a yes?
<Crimson13> yes
#176 from #bakabt, submitted on 25 Feb 2010 by raylu
<Rakka-chan> Yo dawg, I heard u like spacing out so I put David Bowie in your rocket car so you can space out while you space out
<Nubmer6> ...
<Arc-sama> ok that last one didnt make any sense
<Rakka-chan> your face made no sense
<Rakka-chan> and your face doesn't even have David Bowie
* Nubmer6 straghtens Rakka-chan's head with a tire iron
<Rakka-chan> ow
<Rakka-chan> I'm lucy liu T_T
<Rakka-chan> i mean
<Rakka-chan> what the fuck
<Nubmer6> So... exactly what are you on right now?
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