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#794 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 May 2012 by chalamius
<xce> myth olo gy
<xce> that looks like a penis in the middle
<shirase> Leave #bakabt to its own means
<shirase> And it tends to penises in five minutes
<+ChalamiuS> shirase: #bakabt swings back and forth between topics of different types quite often
<shirase> Penis is its pivotal point, ChalamiuS
<shirase> It swings back and forth, each time corssing penis
<+ChalamiuS> shirase: we'll be having a technology related discussion in a couple of hours then
<shirase> LOL
<shirase> You can tell by the direction of "debate" as it goes throug the penis point, ChalamiuS ;)
<+ChalamiuS> shirase: anyone that has been here for long enough should be able to
<shirase> Don't be modest
<shirase> You give some damn good penis wind readings
#795 from #x264, freenode, submitted on 11 May 2012 by raylu
<Revolution> is there any way to find out if a clip was encoded with x264, without the sei header?
<|50M314U|> ya
<Revolution> how?
<|50M314U|> that's harder question
#796 from #bbtmeet, submitted on 24 May 2012 by Southrop
<+xgraphy> WHOOOOOOSH
<AraAraEn> Whoosh?
<AraAraEn> >_>
<AraAraEn> xgraphy... are you high?
<+xgraphy> no
<AraAraEn> Blasphemy.
<+xgraphy> But if i stand outside the 'coffee shop' enough i might do
<AraAraEn> :P
<AraAraEn> I hear the cakes in there are delicious. :D
<+xgraphy> i dunno
<+xgraphy> i like brownies but maybe not from there thanks
<AraAraEn> Hehehe.
<AraAraEn> Awww...
<+xgraphy> it's not cute >_>
<AraAraEn> Maybe.
<AraAraEn> Everyone I like seems to think I find the strangest things cute. :P
<AraAraEn> I think its just my imagination twisting it,
<+xgraphy> so you see everything with animu vision
<+xgraphy> and i have eyes the size of footballs eh?
<+xgraphy> and i say uguu at the end of my speech?
<AraAraEn> Looool.
<AraAraEn> Please...
<AraAraEn> Its nyaa~
<AraAraEn> :P
#797 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 20 Jun 2012 by Enzedder
<Reesebiz> I'm done posting comments on torrents about broken stuff, they never fix it >_>
<AraAraEn> Hahaha.
<AraAraEn> Reesy is hitting the wall!
<AraAraEn> Its ok Reesy. We all hit that wall once.
<AraAraEn> Just jump on over it and back on the horsey.
<Reesebiz> Haha yea
<Reesebiz> But where did you get a horse from? O_o
<AraAraEn> Southrop.
<Southrop> ?
<AraAraEn> He got down on all fours.
<AraAraEn> :3
<Southrop> :<
<AraAraEn> And I rode him into the sunset.
<Sashamaru> :O
<Reesebiz> ヽ(´ー`)ノ
<Wintereise> ó_Ò
#801 from #sc2gg, gamesurge, submitted on 29 Jun 2012 by raylu
-!- mib_q5rzbs is now known as jason
<Snap> though, jason and blue speak as one.
-!- mib_kwvyqa is now known as blueRaja
<jason> we
<blueRaja> are
<jason> legion
<blueRaja> we
<jason> do
<blueRaja> not
<jason> forgive
<blueRaja> we
<jason> do
<blueRaja> not
<jason> forget
#802 from Unknown, submitted on 26 Jul 2012 by raylu
<Deadhobo> I'm so weeaboo I'm actually Japanese
#805 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Aug 2012 by southrop
<ss23> ANo|NTeD!
<ss23> <3
<ANo|NTeD> shoo
<ss23> uguu
<ss23> ANo|NTeD: You might as well call me a Barnacle
<ss23> Cause I'm going to stick to you forever <3
<ANo|NTeD> sorry i dont like sticks
<ss23> Thats okay
<ss23> I'm a barnacle
<ss23> :D
#806 from #bakabt, submitted on 18 Aug 2012 by southrop
<@Southrop> Y HELLO DERE, BEAUTIFUL http://puu.sh/Wrw0
<Aiox> Asuna
<@Southrop> With 2 years of glop, right?
#808 from SupaSekrit BBT Staff Chan, submitted on 04 Sep 2012 by Enzedder
<@Sashamaru> Duki: it's "per se", not "per say"
<EnzieTheEngie> Sassy maru-maru just got demoted.
<EnzieTheEngie> :P
* @Sashamaru kicks Enzie
* Duki sets mode: -o Sashamaru
* Duki sets mode: +h Sashamaru
<EnzieTheEngie> Lol.
<%Sashamaru> ...
<@Arc-sama> OO
<%newy> lul
<EnzieTheEngie> I vote newy for new staff member to take Sassy maru-maru's place.
<EnzieTheEngie> :D
* Duki sets mode: +o newy
<EnzieTheEngie> Yay for newy!
<EnzieTheEngie> :D
* @newy goes to grant everything
<EnzieTheEngie> :o
<EnzieTheEngie> Nooooo!
<EnzieTheEngie> Somebody stop him!
* @Arc-sama ties newy up in whips & chains
<EnzieTheEngie> Well uhh...
<EnzieTheEngie> I didn't expect that from Arc of all people.
<EnzieTheEngie> Lol.
<%Sashamaru> that escalated quickly
<%der_richter> so i take newy's old position and sasha takes mine?
<~Duki> no
<~Duki> I still mad at yoo
<@Arc-sama> Oo
<EnzieTheEngie> Ooooo.
<@Arc-sama> which yoo
<%der_richter> you don't even know why anymore <.<
<~Duki> for whatever reason I demoted you~
<EnzieTheEngie> I don't even know why.
<EnzieTheEngie> :P
<~Duki> me neither, but that's sort of irrelevant
<%Sashamaru> I was just trying to be helpful
#825 from Unknown, submitted on 20 Oct 2012 by kureshii
<+kureshii> http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/monitors/display/20121019123137_4K_HDTV_Gets_Official_Name_Ultra_High_Definition.html how many names are there left to use
<@torque> I thought UHD was larger than 4k
<+kureshii> next one, we could maybe call it super ultra HD, and then super ultra hyper HD
<+Cuan> Just take the pre- and suffixes from Street Fighter games.
<@torque> lol
<+kureshii> ii idea
<@torque> haha
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